Friday, March 21, 2014

Brooklyn, NYC

We woke up pretty late today after staying up till 4 in the morning watching the movie. It was so nice to sleep in! Once we were all up and ready, we went to Lulu's Cafe for breakfast. (Again, I was SO grateful for Sam and Mckenzie being our personal tour guides! It was awesome to go to some of their favorite places and know that the food was going to be amazing!)

Still obsessed with all the details in the building here!!
After brunch, Sam had to work a little bit, so 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter', his sister, and I walked all around Brooklyn. It was so much fun! We saw so much of the city and went into a bunch of the cute shops. We were going to take the Subway back- but got lost and ended up just walking back. I absolutely LOVED it!! I think the best way to see the city of to walk (or bet yet- RUN) around it. ;)
Once we got finally made it back, we got ready and went out for another run. Mckenzie had a blister on her foot, so we went with Sam and went about 5.5 miles. Oh. My. Gosh- seriously! I need to move here just to be able to do this run daily!! I don't think I would have any problem finding motivation to run with this as the background. So beautiful!!
He took us down to the Brooklyn Bridge and then all around the city- we even went through them wrapping up a movie filming for the day! It's crazy how much stuff gets put up/torn down to shoot a couple scenes in a movie.

Does it get any prettier than this?!
After the run, we went to dinner at Aruela. This was by far my favorite restaurant that we went to. The restaurant itself was amazing- the décor and ambiance was my favorite. We got several different appetizers and I loved them all! (I'm usually not into trying new foods or branching out- but everything I tried was new and I absolutely loved it all!)

I know I've said it before, but hanging out with Sam and Mckenzie is so great! I'm really excited to hang out with them more in the future! Tomorrow is our last day and I really, REALLY don't want to go home. :(

Do you get blisters when you run? 

Where is your favorite restaurant? 

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