Monday, April 21, 2014

Random Ridiculousness!

Last weekend and this weekend my sister and I flew back to Colorado, and here are some highlights of all the ridiculousness from our trips::

*My sister realized (as we were entering the security line) that she left her wallet (with her ID) at home. She casually says "Yup, I left it at home. Guess I'll have to have Tommy (her husband) overnight it." I'm freaking out and tell her we can't get through security without it- and then she freaked it! Like mega-freaked-out! She called her husband Tommy, who just dropped us off, that she left it and told him to hurry home and grab it and come back. Then she proceeded to call him every 5 minutes to find out where he was at. Good new: he made it back in time.

*Because of the above incident, I went to stand in the security line when Tommy was close with the wallet. (I figured it wouldn't be that bad since it was still 6:00am and there was no one when we were there the first time.) WRONG!! When I got upstairs to the line it was wrapped all the way around the airport! At this point, we were cutting it close. We waited in line that was barley not moving and made friends with the people behind us- who were on the same flight. We all started to panic when we had 10 minutes until our flight left! We started asking people if we could cut them and made it up to the front of the line.
We took off our shoes, emptied our pockets and we waited at the end of the conveyor belt that wasn't moving. My bag came out first and a TA worker grabbed it and said it needed to be re-scanned. NEVER in my life have I had to have a bag re-scanned- and today, as I am 5 minutes away from missing my flight, is the day it has to happen?!
At this point, we were all panicking. I told my sister to go to the gate and tell them we were coming and not to let them leave without us!! She agreed and took off- with no bags- I told her I would get them all. My bag FINALLY comes through, so I grab her purse, my backpack, My laptop (that I had to take out, but didn't have time to put back), and our 2 carry-on bags---that is FIVE, really heavy bags, and take off running towards the gate.
As I'm running down the terminal, I hear an announcement over the speakers that said "KIMBERLY WHATTLER, IF YOU'RE NOT RUNNING YOU'RE NOT LEAVING!" At this point, people were staring and after hearing the announcement, they began to clap, cheer, and shout "SHE'S COMING!"
I FINALLY arrived at the gate and the door was closed! My heart dropped-- more at the fact that my sister got on the plane and would have left without me, than actually missing the flight! I told the lady I was Kimberly Whattler from the announcement and she opened the door and let me in. (Don't worry, I told her there were 2 more people running behind me and when I turned back I saw them coming so we all made it!:)
Slighted relieved, I make my way onto the plane- hitting everyone either with the bag I was carrying, my laptop, or my backpack from behind. I apologized the entire way to my seat. I finally make my way to my seat (24C!!) and see my sister---all buckled in, nice and snug. So calm, so relaxed, just waving at me. As I whacked the 22nd person with a bag somewhere I asked her to come get her bags. She took half my load and I threw my bags in a overhead bin. Profusely sweating by this point!
I then proceed to my seat and realize it's 1 row in front of my sister and its a window seat. I don't do window seats. I absolutely hate flying and want nothing to do with the windows. I tell my sister it's a window seat (she knows my fear of flying and the windows) and she tells me "no, it's OK" like she was letting me have it. Gee, thanks! I asked my 2 seat mates and neither of them wanted the window seat either. GRRRREAT!!!
So I had a window seat for the first time. This is also the first time, they've announced that we would be experiencing MODERATE turbulence. Oh, it was a blast! I don't think I ever let go of the arm rest the entire flight!

*Once we got to Denver, we had to take a shuttle to the car rental place. After the morning I had....
*I drove the entire 4 hours home, while my sister played DJ, took pictures, and critiqued my driving. I will say, it was AWESOME to be able to jam out to N*sync and all our favorite songs, at the top of our lungs just like we did in high school. :)
*When we went out there the second time, my brother was also there. After a super long, stressful day, our cousins took the three of us out to dinner and it was SO.MUCH.FUN! The two of them are absolutely hilarious and I was dying laughing the entire time!!
Can you tell it was a long day for all of us?
*We of course, had to take a "selfie" in the parking lot! Doesn't everybody do this?

*The first weekend coming back, my sister and I left together so we had to make the 4 hour drive back to Denver. Since I drove all the way down, my sister drove all the way back up and I got to play DJ- it was like a trip down memory lane jamming out with her!

Good thing she drove too, because the weather quickly changed on the drive up!
*Due to the above change in weather, we had a slight "hiccup" towards the end of the drive. My sister was taking the exit for the airport, she slowed down and as we got to the light to turn right- she tried to stop but the car wanted to keep going. We somehow manged to hop on on the curb and high-five the pole with the car. Since we were only going 3mph, it was in such slow motion it was hilarious... for me anyways. My sister was panicking and I thought she was going to cry.
Once we got off the curb, she pulled over and wanted me to drive. So she got out and started to walk around the car- as she did, I hopped over the center console and as I was mid-way the car started moving forward. I didn't notice until my sister came running back and grabbed onto the door shouting "UH-OH!! UH-OH!!" I told her to get back in and she did and she put the car in park.
This time she made it all the way around the car and I took off driving. I asked her if there was any damage to the car and she said the back of the car was fine. I asked if she checked the side of the car- where it hit the pole.... yeah, she didn't check that. (Luckily, there was no damage at all to the car- like I said, we were barely moving.)

*Once we finally made it inside the airport, to our gate- ON TIME, we both needed a double scoop!
*Coming back from the second trip, my sister and I were on different flights. Like I mentioned before, I don't like to fly and don't do windows seats. It was the first time I've ever checked in and then had to take an elevator down to get to the gate.... it was outside. I've never boarded a plane from outside either. I walked out and was momentarily blinded by the sun and then saw this....
To say I panicked would be the understatement of the year. Once I made it up that tiny little ramp and got inside my private jet (seriously, that's how small it was!) There were 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other. That meant I had 2/3 chances of a window seat- lucky me.... window seat with a seat mate!
Once we took off, the flight attendant mentioned she would try to do a drink service but wasn't sure it was going to be safe enough with the turbulence. Luckily, it wasn't that bad after the first 30 minutes.

Needless to say, I was VERY relieved when we landed and I would be fine not taking another plane trip anytime soon. ;)

Do you like flying? 

Have you ever missed a flight?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Tis the season!

Tonight we kicked off another tri season with the first Splash n' Dash of the year!

I was a little nervous going into it because I signed up for the 1500 meter swim instead of the 750 meter swim. I really have only swam a few times since Ironman in November- I'm talking like 5-or-6 times!
Plus, since it's after work I always get a little stressed out with making it there on time with traffic and everything. Oh-- and I forgot my wetsuit! Yup! Thankfully, 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' went home after he got off before heading to the race and was able to grab it!
The weather was perfect! 
I got there and picked up my timing chip- they're doing these new disposable timing chips you wear on your ankle and they were really uncomfortable. Since they were made of plastic they kinda felt like one of those annoying wristbands that dig into your skin. I hoping they switch back to the old ones!

The water was surprisingly pretty warm, which was nice- I'm really not a big fan of freezing cold water! I feel like the swim went really, really good for me! I stayed focused and felt like I was going pretty fast. (I don't know my exact time for the swim because they just gave us the overall time for the swim, transition, and run.)

I got out of the water and hurried into transition. I took off my wet suit as fast as I could and threw on my sneakers. (I saw our friend David, in transition who wasn't doing the run portion of the race and was really jealous of him for being done! ;))

I took off on the run and felt OK. Nothing too exciting- I held a comfortable pace and wished I would have pushed it harder. I did see 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' on his way back and he shouted at me to drop my arms (the same thing our running coach has been telling me for weeks now!) I'm working on it. ;)
From Instagram
My total time was 1:04:14. Not my fastest Splash n' Dash but it was fun. I wish I knew the break down of the times between my swim and my run because I really think this was one of my faster swims. Maybe next time I'll actually wear my watch!!

Do you ever race during the week? 

What's your BIG race for 2014?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Inspired Soles art exhibit

Remember my really super-cool-amazing friend Maria who joined me for a lot of my Ironman training last year?! Well, not only is she an awesome training partner, she is also really talented! She's an art teacher and is really creative! She recently has been working on a pair of high heels for Inspired Soles. Tonight was their exhibit and we got to go!
Us with her shoes
Her shoes were AMAZING! She designed them to not only show her love of running but also included Frida Kahlo. (Hence her blog name: Running Frida! ;)) They were so colorful and detailed. She did such a good job!!
Aren't they so cute?!
I've never been to any sort of art exhibit before, so it was really cool to walk around and not only see all these incredibly creative shoes, but also meet the artist who designed them! All of the shoes displayed were bid on, through a silent auction type way. It was funny to watch as it got close to the 9pm cut off how people were guarding a pair of shoes or running back and fourth to place the last bid. They were really into it!
While we were there I found my next pair of shoes!! ;) I think this one was one of them most popular ones and sold for $250 dollars!! Crazy!!
After the Art Show we all went out for dinner. Tomorrow is Maria's birthday, so we celebrated her art show and her birthday! (Although, we're bike riding tomorow morning and going to B.A.D. Bingo too!;)) It was a lot of fun! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I don't go to Phoenix very often, and I think we are going to start going more! There were a ton of cool places we want to try out!  
I always have SO much fun with this guy! 
We didn't stay out too late- since we're planning on meeting tomorrow at 5:30am for our 3 hour bike ride! 

***Happy, happy Birthday Maria! I am beyond grateful for our friendship. You have been such a supportive, inspiring person in my life and I am looking forward to another year of loooooong training days with you this year! I can already tell this year is going to be a big one for you and I'm glad I get to be involved in it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

Have you ever been to an art show? 

When is your birthday? Mine is May 31st!