Friday, April 4, 2014

Inspired Soles art exhibit

Remember my really super-cool-amazing friend Maria who joined me for a lot of my Ironman training last year?! Well, not only is she an awesome training partner, she is also really talented! She's an art teacher and is really creative! She recently has been working on a pair of high heels for Inspired Soles. Tonight was their exhibit and we got to go!
Us with her shoes
Her shoes were AMAZING! She designed them to not only show her love of running but also included Frida Kahlo. (Hence her blog name: Running Frida! ;)) They were so colorful and detailed. She did such a good job!!
Aren't they so cute?!
I've never been to any sort of art exhibit before, so it was really cool to walk around and not only see all these incredibly creative shoes, but also meet the artist who designed them! All of the shoes displayed were bid on, through a silent auction type way. It was funny to watch as it got close to the 9pm cut off how people were guarding a pair of shoes or running back and fourth to place the last bid. They were really into it!
While we were there I found my next pair of shoes!! ;) I think this one was one of them most popular ones and sold for $250 dollars!! Crazy!!
After the Art Show we all went out for dinner. Tomorrow is Maria's birthday, so we celebrated her art show and her birthday! (Although, we're bike riding tomorow morning and going to B.A.D. Bingo too!;)) It was a lot of fun! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I don't go to Phoenix very often, and I think we are going to start going more! There were a ton of cool places we want to try out!  
I always have SO much fun with this guy! 
We didn't stay out too late- since we're planning on meeting tomorrow at 5:30am for our 3 hour bike ride! 

***Happy, happy Birthday Maria! I am beyond grateful for our friendship. You have been such a supportive, inspiring person in my life and I am looking forward to another year of loooooong training days with you this year! I can already tell this year is going to be a big one for you and I'm glad I get to be involved in it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

Have you ever been to an art show? 

When is your birthday? Mine is May 31st! 

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