Saturday, September 6, 2014

My sister's getting married!!

Today we had a bridal shower for my sister who's getting married in October! I still can't believe she's getting married!!
(Their super cute Save The Dates!!)
Since her wedding colors are Tiffany Blue and grey, I decided to do a breakfast/brunch themed shower. (Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?:))
I loved decorating for this shower- especially since her house already had a grey striped wall and Tiffany blue furniture- it matched perfectly! ;)
We had the basic's: bagels, muffins, donuts, bacon and eggs, etc., but then we also had the most delicious cookies ever made by our bonus-mom. Seriously, they were SO good and absolutely adorable!! 
My bonus-mom made them all look like little Tiffany boxes! 
Loved all the blue and grey details
I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this, it was one of my favorite decorations. I bought a white umbrella and then hung dollar bills and and some of my homemade garland from it. (We were "showering" the bride-to-be....get it? haha!)
 And one of my favorite gifts to my sister was the super cute hanger with her new last name. 
We played the toilet paper wedding dress game- which was HILARIOUS! We gave each person a roll of toilet paper and divided them into teams of 3 and put 5 minutes on the clock. We really had some creative people there!
This dress was my favorite with the sweetheart neckline and mermaid style. :)
This was a tea-length dress complete with sleeves and a veil. 
This team had WAY too much fun and opted for the mini-skirt wedding dress. ;)
The winner was the cutie in the middle. :)
We also played a game where everyone was given 2 wedding rings and couldn't say the words "Bride" or "Groom", if you did, whoever heard you could steal your rings. Yeah, I was absolutely horrible at the game and lost both my rings within 2 seconds of starting it. 

Instead of doing the traditional guest book, I got a frame with a large mat around it and had all guest sign that. And then she could put a photo from the shower in it. :)
I think my favorite part of the shower was the 'spoons'. I passed out wooden spoons to everyone and asked them to give 'the recipe for a happy marriage' on it. When everyone was done, the bride-to-be read them all out loud. Some made me laugh and more than one of them made me cry. 
I still cannot believe my sister is getting married! Beyond excited for her perfect wedding!! 
*Do you like to throw parties? I absolutely love to and wish I could throw a party every weekend!! :)

*Do you like playing games at parties?