Saturday, September 19, 2015

Annie Kim's Picnic and Craft Extravaganza!!

Awhile ago, my sister asked if I could babysit so she could go to some boutique. I said sure, and when my niece and nephew found out I was babysitting, they kept asking what we were going to do. I asked what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to have a picnic. Okay, no problem.
Then the next time I talked to them, they asked what we were going to eat at the picnic. I hadn't given it much thought and asked what they wanted. My nephew told me he wanted a turkey sandwich with no bread, NO BREAD. Okay, I could do that- no problem.
The next phone call was with my niece, she asked what we were going to do at the picnic. I had no clue, so I said it was going to be a surprise. She excitedly asked if there was going to be a craft-- and then informed me that every picnic has to have a craft. It just has to. I had no choice but to agree.

My sister then called me and asked what I was actually going to do and I told her I had no clue. She put me on speaker with both of the kids and they asked what the name of our picnic was (talk about pressure!). I said "Annie Kim's Picnic Extravaganza!!" to which my nephew added "and craft!" followed by my niece chiming in "yeah, AND CRAFT!! Don't forget the craft!!" So we changed the name slightly to "Annie Kim's Picnic and Craft Extravaganza" and everyone accepted it.

I got there pretty early, and they were SO excited when I got there (and my nephew was wearing his 'Team Sprinkles and Glitter' shirt from Ironman last year. He was so excited to show me.)

First we made cookies to take with us on the picnic. They took turns pouring stuff into the bowl.
I never knew what a hot commodity stirring the ingredients was! Holy hell- you would have thought we were taking the last life vest on the Titanic!
So I did what any normal non-parent would do. I put 30 seconds on the kitchen timer and we rotated.... for 5 whole minutes.
While the cookies were baking (and then cooling). We started to 'prepare' for our crafts. I free-handed some Halloween inspired shapes and then cut them out.
I then taped them to a canvas and we were ready for our crafts! We packed up half the house and headed to the park. We found a shady spot, they ate while I set up the paint, and then we got to work painting the canvases.
They ran around and played while I packed up and we waited for the paint to dry then we headed home.
We took the tape off the canvas and painted the insides and added glitter. I was seriously so surprised at how cute this turned out and how easy it was.
The kids absolutely loved it and are already talking about our next picnic! Haha!

*Have you ever been on a picnic? 

*What was the last craft you did?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A very sore Splash n' Dash!!

Let's back up to Tuesday, shall we?

Tuesday night, I went to spin at Landis (we bring our bike trainers and have class outside of their store). It was 'Brick Night' which meant we were doing speed intervals, practicing getting off the bike, transitioning into running shoes and then taking off on a run.
Everything was going great and I was really pushing the speed on both the bike intervals and the runs. We started with a half mile run and then finished with a 2 mile run.
It was dark by the last 2 mile run and I felt like I was flying. I caught up to a girl after the 1 mile turn-around, and we chatted on the way back. About a quarter mile from the store, I must have tripped on one of the many cracks in the sidewalk and went sliding full-force on my knees. (For cars driving by, it must have looked like I was practicing a dance move or something sliding so far on my knees)

The girl I was with screamed so loud (which I think scared me more than the actual fall!), but I jumped back up, acted like nothing happened and we finished the run.
I told her I was embarrassed, and she said we wouldn't mention it to anyone back at the store.... great plan, but we didn't realize I had blood dripping down my knees covering my shoes. When we got back everyone of course freaked out and offered to help.

Once we got it cleaned up, I headed home and put some Neosporin on it and rapped it in gauze (Spoiler alert:: I will NEVER do this step again!)

I woke up the next day, we on a bike ride and when I got home, I tried to take the gauze off. It literally would NOT come off. I tried getting it a little wet. I tried sitting in the bathtub (for OVER AN HOUR)! I tried everything. Nothing was working. I eventually had to rip it off-- which was EXTREMELY painful.

So.... today I was planning on doing the Splash n' Dash to prepare for the race this weekend. Once I finally got the gauze off, my knees were extremely sore and hard to bend (every time I would bend my knees, it would crack open the scab and then they would start to bleed again). So I wasn't too sure how it would go.

I decided to hobble my way to the Splash n' Dash, not bending my knees at all and tried to get to the swim start without opening the wounds. Then once I was out of the water, I had a bottle of water I rinsed them off with before I took on on the run- and the cracked like crazy-- which of course led to more bleeding.
Definitely not my fastest time, but given the situation I did okay. (And I got practice in for this weekends race.)
*Do you like open water swimming or pool swimming better?

*Are you clumsy? YES

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sweet 16!

I cannot believe that Carsen is turning 16 today! That seems SO crazy to me!

When I first met 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter', he was 6! It's crazy how fast time flies by (and how old I feel now!!;))
We went out to sushi for dinner and then came back and did the presents thing. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' surprised him with a new (and huge) TV for his room.
I was a little nervous how my gift would go over with him. He has talked about wanting one (several times) for years... but he hadn't mentioned it recently, and you know kids-- sometimes they think something is cool or want something because they think they'll never actually get it.
I literally was so nervous handing him the gift and waiting for him to open it. Luckily, he freaked out when he realized what it was and absolutely LOVED it!
We spent the rest of the night hooking up his new T.V. and playing Super Mario. He thanked me about a million times and told us how this was the best birthday ever.

*When is your birthday? 

*Did you play Nintendo as a kid? Yes! ALL the time!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

65 super fun miles!!

Today's bike ride was one of those rides where you're having so much fun and feel so great you feel like you could go forever! I loved every second of it!

We started super early to try to beat the heat and rode the beeline, our favorite. :)

We started with a pretty decent sized group, but by the end of our second loop it was just me and Diane left. We both felt great!
I'm really enjoying training this year, I feel like Triplex is really kicking my butt into shape and that's making the longer/harder workouts seem easier-- and I'm LOVING that!!

After I did some adulting (grocery shopping and meal prepping) Carsen and I hit up so FroYo.
*What did you do this weekend? 

*How often do to strength train? I usually do Triplex 3-5 times a week.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mountain Man OLY!!

Today was SUCH an awesome day!

I've done a race this race before (and a race recap), so I'll just give you the highlights from today.

*Got there pretty early, set up transition, and hung out with friends.

*While walking down to the swim start with a group of friends, our friend Christian noticed a girl's wet suit was on inside out. He tapped her and said 'I don't want to freak you out, but you've got your wet suit on inside out'. She was with 2 of her girlfriends (who were also racing and had their suits on correctly), and she laughed and thought it was joking. She then asked him if it would make a big deal (being inside out), and he replied with 'I don't want to rain on your parade but...." She didn't seem to bothered by it-- but I did notice her later on changing it-- thank gosh!!

*Had a GREAT swim- felt great the whole time and really pushed it. (Averaged 1:58 and came out of the water 2nd in my age group.)

*Bike was fun- I know the course and know when to push it. But, my front break was rubbing and I had to stop twice to adjust it. Not cool. (Averaged 16.89 and finished 6th in my age group.)
*Felt good on the run- saw a LOT of friends (both racing and spectating) and it was awesome! ((Averaged 10:25 and finished 3rd in my age group.)
*Finished 4th overall. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' killed it too!
*Grabbed some amazing food with Maria and her family before driving home.
*Once we got home, Carsen and I hit up Baskin Robbins. It was amazing!
*Anyone race this week? 

*What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Chocolate chip cookie dough!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flagstaff again!!

I bet you'll never guess where we went again this weekend?! FLAGSTAFF!! I know, you probably shocked and never would have guessed it! ;)

Since the race is next weekend, it's SO hot in Phoenix, and hotel rooms are only $68 dollars we couldn't really pass it up. It's SO much cooler up there and it's so pretty!
We left a little later than usual, got food along the way, drove straight to Buffalo Park for a run.
It was gorgeous and we finished our run right as the sun was starting to set. Tried to take a photo of me running with the self timer on my phone. Who knew how hard it was to actually get a running picture like this?! 50 tries later and this is the best I got....
Props to all you people who take running selfies on the daily!! I still don't know how you do it!

After our run we were starving and didn't really know what we felt like. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' was google-ing directions to a restaurant a friend recommended and I did more important things like take more selfie. ;)
Oh my gosh guys! It was seriously the BEST pizza ever! (We almost got another pizza to go do we could have it again tomorrow!) Pizzicletta, we will be back! They also had gelato that we go to go and ate back at the hotel room.
Funny story:: I asked 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' to take a photo of me with my gelato because it was melting.... I have about 10 photos similar to this one:
*What did you do this weekend? 

*What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Friday, August 7, 2015

100 days from today...!!

Ironman Arizona is 100 days away!!!!
I literally don't even know how this is possible! I feel like we JUST did Ironman Arizona and like we JUST got back from New Zealand!!

Time is flying by! I can't believe it! But ready or not- here it comes!! I have some pretty big goals for this race- mainly to redeem myself from last year after having a not-so-great race and hopefully PR and beat my original time of 14:45.
Definitely starting to feel real....

*Is anyone racing this weekend? 

*Anyone else doing Ironman Arizona?!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Something old, Something new, and Something blue....

Something Old.....

On of 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' best friends from elementary school was in the country visiting (from Laos!) and stopped in AZ to see us! Bonus- he had his fiance with him and it was so great to meet her!
I absolutely LOVE when these two boys get together because it's like they never missed a beat (even though we haven't seen him in a couple years) and the stories from their childhood and high school are freaking hilarious!!!
We hung out with them every night they were here, and one of the nights they came over and we all cooked dinner. Darren's fiance cooked us a traditional Laos meal (which was so, so, SOO good!!) and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' made a ton of delicious food too! It kinda felt like Thanksgiving where you just keep eating even though you're full because it's too hard to stop! haha!

Something Blue.....

For the dinner, I tried to make a copycat recipe of the ToadStool Cupcakes-- I'm still super obsessed with them and cannot wait to have the real thing again!!
I made them mini to really recreate the ToadStool and they were really good but not that same.

Something New....!!

And for the grand finale of this post.... I finally got my new Triplex tri kit!! I absolutely LOVE it and cannot wait to race in it next weekend!!
*What's your longest friendship? My sister for 27 years! haha!

*What's your favorite dessert? I don't even think I need to answer this....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

So many fun things!!

After we finished the race, we all took showers and headed to the Saturday Market for lunch. It was so awesome! They had all kinds of booths with different crafts, clothing, fresh food, and food trucks. All the food we got was AMAZING too!!

As we were leaving, we saw Toadstool Cupcakes and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' insisted we stop.
YOU GUYS!! I definitely know my way around a cupcake and I am not kidding when I say these were the BEST CUPCAKES I've ever had! I'm not even kidding!
They were mini too, so we tried a few flavors. So, so, so good!! I'm already looking it up to see if they ship to AZ!
After the life-changing cupcakes, we headed to a belated birthday party for 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and his dad (their birthdays are a day apart). This is what I was most excited for- because the friends house who was hosting the party has a pet raccoon! 'Ray the Raccoon' and I was BEYOND excited to meet him!
Look at his teeny, tiny paws! Oh my gosh- I can't even handle it! 
My mom had a pet raccoon when she was younger and always talked about how fun it was and how he used to sleep in her shoes, so I could not wait to meet one in person! Since I was so excited, Kelcie, 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' step-mom, called on the way over to make sure they still had it. They didn't! About a week ago, they found a animal rehabilitation center that had 2 other raccoon's that were the same age as Ray! They would spend 2 years together at the center (until they reached adulthood) and then they would be released back to the wild. They figured that would be best for Ray (who they found out was a Rayanne! ;))
I was super happy that Ray would have friends and eventually be back in the wild, but I was so sad I didn't get to meet him! :(

BUT- I did get to see 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' step siblings and they are some of my favorite people!!
We had some of the BEST food and then had some amazing birthday pies for desserts (with other cakes, homemade, ice cream, rice krispy treats.... everything was SOOO good!!)
We left pretty early because the next day we had BIG plans: we were going white water rafting!! I've never been and it's on my bucket list, so I was pumped!!
We got to the water and got everything loaded up and took off. We went about halfway and then stopped to have lunch. ('Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's is a guide for lots of camping/rafting trips, and they had EVERYTHING! A portable table, fresh vegetables, sandwiches, etc. It was awesome!)
Then we got back on the raft for the more difficult FUN part of the river. Oh my gosh, YOU GUYS! I was dying laughing the entire time!! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and his stepbrother, Mikiel, were in front and they were paddling SO hard, and then we would hit a big wave- and they would be up in the air (not even close to the water) and they would still be paddling SO hard! (I'm laughing so hard just thinking about it!)
I had the absolute BEST time and I cannot wait to do it again!!
After we finished the rafting trip, we had to pack up and head to the airport. (Where we took a ridiculously small plane to Seattle. I hate flying, so this was NOT fun for me. haha!)

*Have you ever been rafting before? 

*What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tri at the Grove Race Recap!!

This weekend, we headed up to Oregon to not only see 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' family again (remember he was just there last weekend?), but also to do the Tri at the Grove race!
'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' did this race last year with his dad- for his dad's FIRST triathlon!- and loved it so much we decided to come back. 

'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' flew in on Thursday morning, and I flew in Friday morning (with a stop in San Fran! I so desperately want to go to to that city and check it out! Definitely on my bucket list, it looked beautiful from the plane!) 
Once I got there, we jumped on our bikes and did an 18 mile ride. The weather was amazing and it was so pretty!! 
He was SO excited for another picture!
We hit up packet pick-up and then made our typical pre-race dinner at his dads house before going to bed. 

We woke up bright and early on race day and his dad had made me pancakes- they were SO good! Then headed down to the race. It was pretty cold (compared to Arizona) and I was really hoping it would warm up before it started. 
We got our transition areas set up and headed down to the water. It was a beach start with the guys starting 5 minutes ahead of the girls. It was a smaller race, so it was nice to talk with the other athletes in the water before the start. 
3-2-1! It was go time! (However, a little awkward, because right as we were about to start, the boat came in with a rescued athlete, who needed the EMT's (who were waiting with a stretcher). So they were yelling for us to "MAKE A HOLE!" for the boat while they were doing the count down. Luckily, we maneuvered around and the boat was able to get to shore, and then we all scrambled to take off.)
I started out pretty fast but still felt like everyone was passing me- haha! I got to the turn around point and remember thinking I was last. I tried to push it even harder on the way back and was so excited to see land!
I quickly got out and took off on my borrowed bike. (I was borrowing one of 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's dad bike). The bike course was beautiful!! There were tons of tall trees and everything was SO green! Seriously, it was so pretty, definitely one of the prettiest races I've ever done! 
2 interesting things I saw on the bike course::
*a four year old mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower. He was leaning back so far in the seat and had his hat on backwards. I think I laughed out loud at this! 
*a sheep with his head stuck in the fence! I felt so bad for him, and if there was a way I could have gotten to him, I would have tried to help, but there was an electric fence around the property. 
After the bike, I headed back into transistion (and saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's family- who cheered so loud for me!) and took off on the run. 
Oh. My. Lanta! If I thought the bike was pretty- the run was even better! It was an out-and-back course right along the water with tall trees providing shade for the entire course!!
So much green!!!
I saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' about a mile in and told him to push it to hit his goal. I felt amazing and the beautiful scenery definitely helped! I think I had my fastest Olympic run time on this course! 
He always has the BEST race photos!! 
I finished in 3:11- which is no PR but got me 4th place for my age group.
Out of all our friends that were racing, everyone made the podium except me. :( But I cheered REALLY loud for them and took lots of pictures when they got their awards!! haha!!
Now we are off to the Saturday Farmer's market, a belated birthday party (WITH Ray the Racoon!), and white water rafting tomorrow! I'm so excited I can't wait!

*What is the prettiest course you've ever raced? 

*What is your favorite animal? All of them! ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birthday cake disaster!

YOU GUYS!! Today is 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' birthday! I decided to make him a birthday cake that was 100% paleo. I have been pinning my little heart out for weeks now and reading all the tips and tricks of what to do if this and what not to do if that. I was totally ready to rock this cake!

I went to the store and got all the ingredients (and some super adorable dinosaur candles!) and spent the next  T H R E E  hours making this paleo cake. Everything seemed to be going just fine-and-dandy. I baked the first layer and then set it in the freezer to get hard while I waited for the second layer to bake.
Once the second layer baked, I had them both in the freezer while I whipped up the 'frosting' made out of avocados. I kept tasting it and did not taste good and was super runny so I kept adding coaco powder, hoping it would improve the flavor and help thicken it up. I don't really think it did much to either.

I was finally ready to assemble the cake! I took the layers out of the freezer and put the first layer down. I covered it in the frosting and then added the second layer. BOOM. Everything went to shit.... literally. The top layer cracked in half and started sliding off the bottom layer and the bottom layer started to crumble under the weight of the top tier.
I tried everything I could to piece it back together but every time and put a piece back on, 2 more would fall off.

I covered the whole thing in frosting and added the candles and called it good.
Carsen kept asking when we were having cake- he REALLY wanted cake! So he was super excited to lite the candles for the first time too. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and he blew out the candles.
I got Carsen a piece and he took one bite and then claimed to be 'full' and said he  was going to get ready for bed! Hahahaha!!! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I both tried it and it was not good at all.

I was super bummed it turned out so bad- especially after how hard I worked on it! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' claims it's his favorite cake ever and definitely the most memorable... but I think that's only because of how horrible it actually turned out.
I told him next year I'll make it up to him by doing a real/non-paleo cake- but he thinks this years is going to be pretty hard to top! ;)

*Have you ever had a baking disaster? This was definitely my worst.....

*What's your favorite flavor of cake? Chocolate or vanilla! Very basic.... haha!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

That one time we broke down on the freeway....

I had to short the title because "that one time we were helping catering a wedding and broke down in the restaurant's truck with all the food in it" wouldn't fit.

So.... remember how 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I met at a restaurant we both worked at? Neither of us technically 'work' there anymore, but we still help out if they're ever busy and we always work Valentine's Day!!

Yeah, well, that same restaurant had a wedding to cater on a Thursday, and the owner and his wife were invited as guests. Their daughter was also IN the wedding and their son was invited as a guest as well (he works at the restaurant). So, they called us and asked if we wanted to cater the wedding. Sure, why not? What else did we have going on a Thursday and who doesn't love a good wedding?!

They told us to be at the restaurant at 5:15 to leave at 5:30. We got there, and the kitchen was behind with getting everything ready for us to take. We finally got in the truck at about 5:50... 20 minutes later than we should have. No biggie- we had plenty of time.

We started driving and realized that the AC wasn't working... keep in mind its 5:40pm in Arizona, in the middle of July. It was ridiculously hot! So we rolled down the windows and made the best of it.

We got about 2 miles down the road and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' said that we had no gas. I asked if we needed to stop and he said no, since we were already running late- we would stop after. Okay, cool, no problem.

I was looking over the directions and fanning myself with the extra piece of paper when 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' says 'uh-oh...' I asked 'what' as I continued reading over the directions. We were on the on a one-lane on ramp merging from one freeway in a large catering truck. He began stomping on the gas peddle saying 'it's not going...' Thinking we for sure ran out of gas, I told him to pull over (before we headed down the steep on-ramp onto the freeway). The brakes weren't working either! Lovely! So we pulled over and he pulled the emergency break HARD- like really, really hard!

He called the owner and told him what happened (keep in mind, they are on the way to this wedding as guests!) and they said they would come get us.

While we were waiting, he tried undoing the emergency break and we couldn't get it to go back in. Then the owner went to the wrong freeway on-ramp.
They finally got there and we were able to undo the emergency break. This is where it becomes a shit show. Remember how we were on the side of a one-lane- freeway on-ramp? There were were trying to transfer the salads and appetizers from the catering truck into his truck while cars flew by up at 65mph. AND they were dressed to the nines! She was running back and fourth in HEELS! it was ridiculous! We finally got the salads and apps and took off in his truck and left him to wait for the mechanic.

At this point, we were running EXTREMELY behind and trying to make up as much time as possible. (On the positive side- his truck had AC!)

We finally got there and LAWDHAVEMERCY--- it was an outside wedding.... with an outside reception!!!!!! Who does this?! Who? Remember how it was the middle of July in Arizona?? I'm not joking when I say it was at least 107 degrees!
We immediately started setting up with a ton of hungry guest watching our every move, asking when it was going to be ready. We finally got through salads and appetizers and set up the entrees. Oh. my. goodness!! Anything and everything that could have gone wrong- went wrong. We ran out of appetizer plates and napkins and when I went to ask the wedding planner for more (they were in charge of supplying them) she locked herself in her office!

We finally- and I mean finally- got through dinner service, with just as many problems as we had during the apps and salads. It was hands-down the most difficult catering job I've ever done. Luckily, we've done this before and were able to get everything handled smoothly.

We got everything packed up and headed back to the restaurant (way later than we thought we would finish) and ended up staying and having drinks with the owners after we unloaded the truck and laughing about how ridiculous the evening was!
P.S. they got the truck fixed (on the side of the freeway!) it was the fuel pump!

*Have you ever broke down before? 

*What's your favorite part of a wedding?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mountain Man Sprint Recap!

This past week/ weekend has been crazy busy and so much fun!

On Monday, I dropped 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and Carsen off at the airport and they spent the week up in Oregon with 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' dad. They went camping, rafting, and to the country fair- I was TOTALLY jealous! 
They got back Saturday at 1:45 and I literally picked them up from the airport and kept driving straight up to Flagstaff. We were definitely pushing it to get to packet pick-up in time. We made it with about 10 minutes to spare, picked up my packet, checked into the hotel, and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. 

Race day, we woke up early and headed down to Lake Mary, I was surprised at how dark and cold it was. While I was getting my transition set up, I realized I forgot sock to run in! 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' started taking off his shoes and giving me his Green Lateran socks,  when a neighbor offered me an extra pair of socks she had- that were actually running socks. (This is why I love triathletes! Everyone helps everyone and they're just nice people.) I gratefully accepted, finished setting up, and headed down to the water with 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter'.

I waited for our wave to start with the other women and we all joked how it was warmer in the water. Off we went. I stayed focused and felt really good! About half way through the swim I felt an arm to the left of me and touched it so they knew I was there. I could stokes later *POW* they nailed me on my left eye. They hit me so hard I thought my goggles were going to be permanently stuck to my face.  (I am not sure how this person was swimming to have swung their arm THAT hard-- especially when I just touched their arm and it was nothing like how hard I was hit.) I stopped, to make sure my goggles would come off to readjust my goggles and let them pass me. I was determined to not let this ruin my day.
I kept swimming and finished the swim feeling strong. Quickly got on my bike and headed out onto the course I was very familiar with. I pushed it as hard as I could going up the hills and didn't use my breaks coming down (I hate going downhill and usually ride the breaks the whole time). It paid off, I averaged almost 19 mph and finished with a bike time of 39:36!
Before I knew it, I was headed back into transition and saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I left for the run. He told me if I wanted to place I needed to pass 2 people in my age group. Not thinking that would happen I nodded and took off.
((Side note:: I am a super friendly racer and tell everyone I pass (or people who pass me) 'good job!' or 'keep it up!' or something encouraging. It's something SO small- but it really makes a difference when I hear stuff like that, so I try to be that person too.))
So there I was, running away- trying to push the pace as much as I could since I knew it was only a 5K. I saw a women in a SUPER cute racing kit and I caught up to her just so I could tell her how cute it was! She thanked me and I saw her calf said 25 as I passed her. (Apparently, I forgot the breakdown of age groups and thought she was in the age group below me and not in mine.... for some reason I thought my age group was 26-30? Don't ask me why....but I told her to keep it up and kept going.)
I hit the halfway turn-around point and headed back for the finish. I saw a girl that had been walking/running ahead of me and finally caught up to her. Once again, her calf said 25 so I assumed she wasn't in my age group. I told we had less than a mile to go and to keep pushing, we were almost done. She told me I looked strong and tried to run- but then started walking again.
When I could finally see the turn for the finish, I realized I didn't see anyone in my age group and was bummed I wouldn't place. But then it dawned on me that my age group is 25-29 and I passed those 2 girls!! (Your brain doesn't really work when you are racing!) So when I saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and he started to sprint to the finish with me telling me how good I looked, I told him I think I passed 2 people like he told me to. He thought I did too and told me to go hard all the way to the finish and I took off.

I finished in 1:32:17. Not a PR, but I felt really good. We waited around for them to post my results and sure enough- third place. I was shocked. I don't really consider myself fast enough to ever place, but when there's only 10 people in the age group- I guess someone has to finish third! ;)
We hung out and waited for the award ceremony. Where I later left my phone on the table and when I came back for it the screen was smashed to pieces! Such a bummer! I really need to work on not forgetting my phone everywhere I set it down. :)

*Did you do anything fun this weekend? 

*Did anyone else race? If so, how'd you do?