Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tri at the Grove Race Recap!!

This weekend, we headed up to Oregon to not only see 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' family again (remember he was just there last weekend?), but also to do the Tri at the Grove race!
'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' did this race last year with his dad- for his dad's FIRST triathlon!- and loved it so much we decided to come back. 

'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' flew in on Thursday morning, and I flew in Friday morning (with a stop in San Fran! I so desperately want to go to to that city and check it out! Definitely on my bucket list, it looked beautiful from the plane!) 
Once I got there, we jumped on our bikes and did an 18 mile ride. The weather was amazing and it was so pretty!! 
He was SO excited for another picture!
We hit up packet pick-up and then made our typical pre-race dinner at his dads house before going to bed. 

We woke up bright and early on race day and his dad had made me pancakes- they were SO good! Then headed down to the race. It was pretty cold (compared to Arizona) and I was really hoping it would warm up before it started. 
We got our transition areas set up and headed down to the water. It was a beach start with the guys starting 5 minutes ahead of the girls. It was a smaller race, so it was nice to talk with the other athletes in the water before the start. 
3-2-1! It was go time! (However, a little awkward, because right as we were about to start, the boat came in with a rescued athlete, who needed the EMT's (who were waiting with a stretcher). So they were yelling for us to "MAKE A HOLE!" for the boat while they were doing the count down. Luckily, we maneuvered around and the boat was able to get to shore, and then we all scrambled to take off.)
I started out pretty fast but still felt like everyone was passing me- haha! I got to the turn around point and remember thinking I was last. I tried to push it even harder on the way back and was so excited to see land!
I quickly got out and took off on my borrowed bike. (I was borrowing one of 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's dad bike). The bike course was beautiful!! There were tons of tall trees and everything was SO green! Seriously, it was so pretty, definitely one of the prettiest races I've ever done! 
2 interesting things I saw on the bike course::
*a four year old mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower. He was leaning back so far in the seat and had his hat on backwards. I think I laughed out loud at this! 
*a sheep with his head stuck in the fence! I felt so bad for him, and if there was a way I could have gotten to him, I would have tried to help, but there was an electric fence around the property. 
After the bike, I headed back into transistion (and saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's family- who cheered so loud for me!) and took off on the run. 
Oh. My. Lanta! If I thought the bike was pretty- the run was even better! It was an out-and-back course right along the water with tall trees providing shade for the entire course!!
So much green!!!
I saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' about a mile in and told him to push it to hit his goal. I felt amazing and the beautiful scenery definitely helped! I think I had my fastest Olympic run time on this course! 
He always has the BEST race photos!! 
I finished in 3:11- which is no PR but got me 4th place for my age group.
Out of all our friends that were racing, everyone made the podium except me. :( But I cheered REALLY loud for them and took lots of pictures when they got their awards!! haha!!
Now we are off to the Saturday Farmer's market, a belated birthday party (WITH Ray the Racoon!), and white water rafting tomorrow! I'm so excited I can't wait!

*What is the prettiest course you've ever raced? 

*What is your favorite animal? All of them! ;)

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