Saturday, September 19, 2015

Annie Kim's Picnic and Craft Extravaganza!!

Awhile ago, my sister asked if I could babysit so she could go to some boutique. I said sure, and when my niece and nephew found out I was babysitting, they kept asking what we were going to do. I asked what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to have a picnic. Okay, no problem.
Then the next time I talked to them, they asked what we were going to eat at the picnic. I hadn't given it much thought and asked what they wanted. My nephew told me he wanted a turkey sandwich with no bread, NO BREAD. Okay, I could do that- no problem.
The next phone call was with my niece, she asked what we were going to do at the picnic. I had no clue, so I said it was going to be a surprise. She excitedly asked if there was going to be a craft-- and then informed me that every picnic has to have a craft. It just has to. I had no choice but to agree.

My sister then called me and asked what I was actually going to do and I told her I had no clue. She put me on speaker with both of the kids and they asked what the name of our picnic was (talk about pressure!). I said "Annie Kim's Picnic Extravaganza!!" to which my nephew added "and craft!" followed by my niece chiming in "yeah, AND CRAFT!! Don't forget the craft!!" So we changed the name slightly to "Annie Kim's Picnic and Craft Extravaganza" and everyone accepted it.

I got there pretty early, and they were SO excited when I got there (and my nephew was wearing his 'Team Sprinkles and Glitter' shirt from Ironman last year. He was so excited to show me.)

First we made cookies to take with us on the picnic. They took turns pouring stuff into the bowl.
I never knew what a hot commodity stirring the ingredients was! Holy hell- you would have thought we were taking the last life vest on the Titanic!
So I did what any normal non-parent would do. I put 30 seconds on the kitchen timer and we rotated.... for 5 whole minutes.
While the cookies were baking (and then cooling). We started to 'prepare' for our crafts. I free-handed some Halloween inspired shapes and then cut them out.
I then taped them to a canvas and we were ready for our crafts! We packed up half the house and headed to the park. We found a shady spot, they ate while I set up the paint, and then we got to work painting the canvases.
They ran around and played while I packed up and we waited for the paint to dry then we headed home.
We took the tape off the canvas and painted the insides and added glitter. I was seriously so surprised at how cute this turned out and how easy it was.
The kids absolutely loved it and are already talking about our next picnic! Haha!

*Have you ever been on a picnic? 

*What was the last craft you did?

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