Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pink Flamingo Party!!

Lately I have been seeing the cutest flamingo stuff on Pinterest and have become obsessed! I decided to order a dozen flamingos and have a party! :)
When I originally started planning the party, I planned on having it on our lawn in the back yard and totally covering it in the flamingos. But due to Arizona's ridiculously hot summer weather and an unplanned monsoon storm, the party got moved inside. I still ended up using the flamingo's throughout the house- including our guest bathroom! :)
I found paper plates, napkins, and straws all in different shades of pink (ain't no body got time for dishes after a party!) and decided to use my super cute milk bottles from my bridal shower (that I have still yet to blog about!). I went to 2 different stores looking for flowers in different shades of pink (the same stores that the week prior had EXACTLY what I was looking for!) and both stores did not have a single pink flower! The show must go on.... 
Our friends never disappoint when it comes to food at a party. They bring the most incredible quinoa salads, cheese and meats, vegetables, etc. everything was awesome! 

We had the best conversations and I laughed the entire time! We finished the night with a selfie-stick-selfie. 
*Do you like throwing parties? 

*Are you obsessed with flamingo's right now? ;)

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