Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Running Day!!

Happy National Running Day everyone!! Hope you are all out celebrating one of my favorites days!
Wednesday's are always one of my most brutal workouts of the week, and today was no exception- but the national holiday did help ease the pain. ;)

So I work 10 hours, everyday- Monday thru Friday- like it's my job.... oh wait... it is. Well, on Wedsnesday, I hurry and get to TriPlex for an hour long strength training workout that is killer! Then right after that, they have a n hour spin class that is equally as brutal. And since I had a brick scheduled (and it was a 'National Holiday'!!!) I had to do a 30 minute run. 
It was extremely hot- even at 7pm when I was starting my run, which doesn't make the run too enjoyable. Since it's supposed to be a brick, when I finish the spin class, I throw my bike into my car and put my sneakers on and run around TriPlex. HARD! 

Everything about my Wednesday workouts are hard! It's non-stop for 2.5 hours at a very intense rate!
(And then on Thursday morning's I wake up for the 5am TriPlex workouts, the fun never stops!! haha!!) But I feel like these workouts/intensity is what's going to hopefully make me stronger and faster. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?! ;)

But yesterday, I actually got in a super-duper-ridiculously hard run with my favorite running partner! We ran around the block and he definitely pushed the pace and kicked my butt!!

*Did you celebrate National Running Day?

*How many days a week do  you workout? 

*What's you're favorite workout?

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