Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Ice Cream Run!!

You guys!! My best friend Megan just moved back from Georgia after being gone 3 years and I could not be more happy!!! She's the type of person who can be gone for 3 years and she comes back and it's like we never skipped a beat, I love it!

She's the one who talked me into doing my first run, Pat's Run in 2009. I remember when we started training and running my first mile without stopping on a treadmill and thinking it was SUCH an accomplishment! Then wondering how the heck I was going to run 4.2 miles for the race! Haha!!

Since she moved back, we immediately got together for a run and started looking for a fun 5K to do together. I came across The Ice Cream Run and we were both immediately sold! Free ice cream after a run?! Who would say no?? ;)
For the past few days, it had been POURING rain- so I was a little worried how today would go with the 'Rain or Shine' policy posted on their Facebook page. But when I woke up AT 4:30AM it seemed to be dry- super cloudy with storm clouds rolling in- but dry. I drove to Megan's house in Phoenix (totally got lost on the way) and then she drove us to Glendale for the race. (I think I ended up driving almost 3 hours all together for this 5K that took us 30 minutes... haha!!)

We got there and picked up our packets and the sun was shining! We waited in the car since it was still a little chilly outside.
They had a super cute kids run right before we started and all the kids were adorable and SO happy to get their medals!
Once we started, our goal was just to run the entire thing (Megan is literally a beast and went from ZERO running to a 5K in about 2.5 weeks!) I totally forgot how fun it was to run/race with her. We talked the whole time and I laughed my butt off!

They had a couple water aid stations and the volunteers were really nice. The course was was an out and back and was marked really well with lots of ice cream cone chalk drawings! We followed the Ice cream cones to the end and Megan insisted we were NOT sprinting to the finish when we turned the corner, yet she quickly picked up the pace and next thing I know we were definitely sprinting to the finishing line!
We finished in 30 minutes and got the CUTEST medals ever that had the running ice cream cone on it. (Which I think is the cutest logo ever!!) Then we quickly began the search for the ice cream! (Keep in mind it was only 7:30AM!!) I had been talking about what kind of ice cream cone it would be and if there would be a choice in flavor or any toppings for about 2.9 miles of the 5K.
We found everyone waiting in line and immediately assumed we were in the right spot. My anticipation grew as we inched closed to the front of the line- so you can imagine my disappointment when we got there and they handed us a teeny, tiny ice cream cup. You know the kind you used to get at school with the wooden spoon on top? yeah, those were the ones. Megan didn't even bother to get one- I got one just for principal.
It was SUCH an awesome fun, run and organized VERY well, the only compliant would be the lame icecream (that wasn't even in a cone! Their logo is a running ice cream CONE! they should of at least done a drumstick or something.) But I would definitely do this run again.

*What's the coolest medal you've ever gotten? 

*What has been the lamest swag you received from a race?

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