Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fro Yo 5K fun!!

Not too much has been happening lately since my Ice Cream Run. I did change up my hair and go back to my natural color of dark brown.
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Today I did the Fro Yo 5K and it was a BLAST! I got there early and waited in line to register/ packet pick up for what seemed like forever- only to be told I was in the wrong line. I finally found the correct line and got registered. I also switched to the 10K which didn't help with the confusion.
They gave out awesome bags with sunglasses and visors inside. Seriously, some of these races are really stepping up their game in the 'swag' department and it's awesome!! 
Not my fro-yo- but look at all the cool swag!! (Goodie bag picture found here. )
I took my bag and dropped it off in their bag-drop area and made my way to the start. It was already pretty hot out and then we had to wait about 15 minutes to start because of parked car near the finish blocking the road, which only meant it got hotter.(We were waiting for the tow truck to get there.) 

We finally got started and I really liked the course. We were never on the roads so we didn't have to worry about traffic and there were lots of volunteers directing us which way to go. 
Since they had a 5K and a 10K option, the 10K course was just the same loop twice. I always hate running right by the finish line, knowing you're not done. 

They had a "Fro Zone" which was a huge, long blow up arch that had misters- but when I ran through it both times I never could feel like mist and it smelled like gas from the motor really bad. Awesome idea- but it just didn't work out. 
Picture from their website
After the second loop, I finally made my way to the finish line and after going through and getting my medal, it spit us out right to the lines for Fro Yo! 

We got into line and was given a piece of paper to choose which type of Fro Yo you wanted and to select all the toppings you wanted- NO limit! Best part ever!! I picked the vanilla bean Fro Yo with oreos and gummy bears and they definitely hooked it up! It was SO cool! 
I found some shade to cool off and eat my Fro Yo while I watched the Fro Yo eating contest- (totally should have entered!) and then grabbed my bag and made my way back to my car. 

Next up on the agenda was a random act of kindness for my birthday (it's tomorrow). I wanted to pass out 27 sandwhiches to homeless people for my 27th birthday. 
I had them all in a cooler and drove around downtown Phoenix handing them out. It was awesome, everyone was really appreciative. One thing I would have done differently, is bought a case a water and froze it to pass out the water bottles as well. Everyone was asking if I had any water, and it was already extremely hot (at 10am). 

Some people asked why I was doing it and I told them it was my birthday and they wished me a happy birthday. Definitely made my day and truly made me grateful. 
*Anyone else race this weekend? If so, what race? 
*What' the last RAK you did for someone? Or someone did for you?

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