Sunday, May 3, 2015

Espirit de She Race Recap!!

One of the coolest races I've ever done was today, Espirit de She!! I've did this race last year and will continue to do it! It's an all girls triathlon and everything about it rocks!
I felt pretty good going into this race since I felt good at Marquee and my training had been going really well. My mom was in town so she got to come watch too!

The start was delayed while they waited for an ambulance and it felt like it took FOREVER! I found Maria to hang out with and I think we ended up starting 25 minutes late. Not fun, when you're already sweating in your wet suit!
We finally were able to get started, and the swim went okay, felt a little slow and felt like I had to stop or swim around people a lot.
Got out, made my way onto the bike and felt great. I averaged 17.25 miles per hour and felt good! The course was two loops that included Curry Hill... I really don't like Curry Hill and was reminded why today, twice! I always approach the hill the confident and determined and ready to tackle it, then about half way up the hill I'm gasping for air as my legs attempt to keep moving! It kicks my butt every single time!
When I made my way back into transition from the bike it was HOT! I felt good and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' told me to use the ice at every aid station to keep cool. I took off on the run ready to finish this race strong! But.... I was barely moving... I tried to pick up the pace and literally could not go any faster. I tried to convince myself to spring to the next cone (about 10 feet in front of me) and couldn't. I'm not sure what happened but I could not run.
I tried getting Gatorade, water, and ice at the aid station- desperate for some help but nothing worked. It was 2 loops on the run and second was even worse than the first. I was so upset and disappointed with myself I just wanted to be done. It was so hot and I could feel myself getting a sunburn on the final stretch.
I finally made my way down the finisher shoot and across the finish line. I immediately grabbed 2 bottles of water and looked for the nearest shade. I found my mom and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and waited for Maria to finish.
She wasn't too far behind me and once we crossed, we made out way to VIP area. But I was already so hot and ready leave.
We packed up our stuff and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I headed to lunch with my mom at Cafe Boa.
I finished in 3:18, not even close to the 3 hour finish I was going for but I know what I need to work on. More bricks and tempo runs will be in my near future! ;)

*What did you do this weekend? 

*How do you deal with a bad race?

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