Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day!!

Happy National Running Day everyone!! Today is definitely one of my favorite days of the year, along with National Cupcake Day and National Fro Yo Day of course!! ;)
From my Instagram: TeamSprinklesAndGlitter
Hope you all got out there and celebrated today!! I went to the gym with my sister for a ridiculously hard class after work. I haven't gone to a gym class in FOREVER because I usually don't get a good workout in-- but this class was literally NO JOKE!! (I'm already sore as I'm typing this- so tomorrow should be fun!:))

After the class, I hung out with 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' for a little bit before taking him to the airport. He is on his way to Boise for the weekend. (I'm going up there too, I'm just not leaving until Friday after work.) Once I dropped him off, I did a short run around my neighborhood. And don't worry- even though it was almost 7PM, it was still over 100 degrees outside!! Seriously, it's ridiculous.

Especially in the Arizona summer heat, right?! ;) And because I didn't take a picture and tomorrow is Thursday, here is a throwback to last years National Running Day, which turned into a scorching-hot-hair-tie-disaster! :)

Did you celebrate today with a run? 

Anyone racing this weekend? If so, where at? 

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