Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everyone meet Kona!!

Last weekend after my bike ride I came home and showered, waiting for 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' to finish his bike ride when he called me and said he was going to stop at a bike shop and get some stuff he needed for the race in Boise (this coming weekend). Less than 5 minutes after I hung up with him, he called me back again (which is really unusual because he hates talking on the phone). When I said "hello?" he responded with "should I adopt a dog that looks just like Paris?" I was a little shocked but said yes! We had been talking about getting another dog (a friend for Paris) for awhile, so I was excited.

He texted me this picture as he filled out the application for her:
Once he finally got home (it felt like forever!) I told him I would meet him in the backyard with Pairs on a leash to see how they got along. They were both a little scared at first, but they've warmed up to each other and now are the best of friends!
Kona is super happy in front and Paris is in the back
Her original name was Fefe... yeah, I know. Since she wasn't responding to it anyways and it was too close to 'P-P' (which is what we call Paris sometimes) we decided to change it. I asked my niece and nephew for suggestions and they threw out the names 'Flower' and 'Lightning McQueen'. Although those were tough competition, we decided to go we Kona.
It is crazy how much her and Paris look alike! We even had trouble telling them apart at first, haha! Kona is a definitely our 'special' dog- she's bumped into quite a few walls, walked right into the dog door, and at the park she was running so fast her front legs couldn't keep up and she went sliding on her chin!! She is hilarious though! If you are walking anywhere near her, she will immediately fall over and roll onto her back expecting you to pet her.

But we love her already! She already knows how to use the dog door and everything!

Do you have any pets? 

What's your favorite animal? 

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