Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skirt Chaser 2013 Race Recap!!

Everything about this race was really laid back and super fun! I also PR'd which may-or-may-not of made me like it even more! ;)

What is the Skirt Chaser you ask? Females (AKA the 'skirts') all start at the same time and then 3 minutes later all the boys start, 'chasing the skirts'-- get it?

When we registered we had the option to pay $30 buck for just the race- or pay $60 and get a running skirt for the girls/t-shirt for the guys. We chose to go shirt/skirt less and save some money. When I went and picked up our packets at a local running store and everything went really quickly.  I got our bibs and the girl who gave them to me told me to go across the store to get our glasses and "swag". So I went over there and the girl working with the glasses/swag, asked me what size I was. I told her I was only there to get the glasses for 2 registrations  She said she would get the glasses in a minute but needed to know the shirt/skirt size for us. I was so confused, and I think she could tell so she said we get a shirt for the male registration and a skirt for the female registration and asked me again (not as nicely) 'what size?'. I didn't feel like arguing and she seemed to be getting annoyed with me, so I told her medium. She threw a shirt, skirt, and two glasses in my bag and then started helping the next person. I thought you had to pay extra for them, but maybe every registration got one and you could pay the $30 extra for an additional one? I'm still confused by this.)

Anyways, the race didn't start until 2:00 so we slept in and I did my swim workout (2,100 meters). I got home and didn't have enough time to eat, so I figured I would just wait until after the race. I changed into my new running skirt I got a little nervous because I've never run in a skirt before and when I wear shorts my legs tend to chafe. I grabbed a handful of pretzels on the way out the door. We drove down to Temple Town Lake, quickly found parking and hurried to the start line (there was a lot more traffic than we were expecting).

We made it to the start line and for the first (and probably only) time I dropped 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' off in the back and made my way towards the front. The plan was for 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' to catch up to me (since he is super fast) and then us finish together.

They counted us down and off the skirts went. I started out pretty fast and was surprised at how good I felt. It was an out and back course so when I made the turn around I started looked for 'Mr. Sprinkle and Glitter'. I couldn't really see because of all the runners and the blinding sun but I was really searching for him- I was so sure I would see him. I was so busy looking for him that I didn't even notice he was running right beside me! He catch up to me so fast! 
Girls with the head start below, and the guys just starting on the bridge. Can you find me in this picture? I'll give you a hint- I think I'm already waving my hands in the air like I just don't care for some strange reason.... we were less than .5 miles in....  :)
I told him I felt great and if we pushed the pace I could PR. He held a quicker pace and I just tried to keep up. I told him I wanted to sprint when we got close to finish line. Before I could even see the finish line he told me to pick it up. I was a little hesitant since I didn't know how much further we had to go, but I tried to keep up with him. Once I actually saw the finish line I picked it up even more and knew I had PR'd when I finished. My time was 27:13, so almost 2 and a half minute PR. WOOHOO!! 

We found some water, got out picture taken (still can't find them anywhere on their website or their Facebook page:( ), and ran into some friends. It was hot and we were both hungry so we left and went to Cornish Pasty, Co. Absolutely AH-MAZZ-ING! Their homemade lemonade (lemonade mixed with orange juice) is so good and just what I needed.
It was a great day with a great race!

What did you guys do this weekend? Anyone racing?

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