Sunday, February 3, 2013

Double Down Recap and a Superbowl

A couple weeks ago I signed up for point series through Arizona Road Racers. It's a series of races and for each race you do you get points. Then at the end of the series, there are awards for people with the most points in each age group. I really like the Arizona Road Racers and have done several of their events before because their races are usually pretty cheap and are smaller in size- but still really well organized.

When I went to sign up for today's race (Runner's Den 10K) I noticed that they also had a 5K (before the 10K) but you didn't get points for it. But it was only $5 dollars more- so I figured why not? I've never run back-to-back races and I figured it would be my long run for the weekend and it would be nice to push myself for both the 5K and then the 10K. (Plus it's always nice to get a good sweat in before things like the Superbowl where you know you're not going to be eating super healthy! ;) )

It sounded great in therory, it really did. but then the Saturday before the race I ran 5 hard miles at South Mountain (stopping every mile to do 15 pushups- that about killed me!!) with the 'Mudder Militia'- I'll explain more about this later. ;) And after that my legs were dead. I don't do hills very often ever so running up a mountain was a challenge for me.

I was really hoping to PR in both of these races but I figured my legs would be tired from the trail running the day before so I was still 'hoping' for the PR- but didn't count on it. Add in the fact that when I woke up the day of the race, it was raining pretty hard- my main goal shifted to just finishing both races without falling.

My mom came with me and when we got there I got my bib number and shirt then headed back to the car to try to stay as warm/dry as possible. The 5K was first and the rain backed off to just a light sprinkle. I kept my jacket on till the very last second then tossed it over to my mom (with my ipod still in my jacket pocket- runner fail!) I took off and tried to push my pace out of my confort zone. I tend to find a pace that I feel comfortable at (usually 10 minute/mile) and just stay there. So today I wanted to push myself. I stayed around 9:15/9:30 the entire time and was shocked at how good I felt. The course was really nice and once I got warmed up the light sprinkling was nice. It was a loop course and they had a water station at the halfway point.

After the halfway point I tried to push the pace more but was still staying around a 9:30 pace. I sprinted towards the finish when I could see the finish line and thought I had PR'd. I didn't- was almost a minute off. Oh well. 

We had about 45 minutes until the 10K started so I waited in the longest line for the port-a-potties, we watched the diaper derby- with the cutest kids, a tricycle pace bike, and TON of paparazzi! Then headed back to the car to stay warm/dry. 

Is that not the cutest pacer you've ever seen?! 
They take those diaper derby's VERY seriously around here! 
When the 10K started, I tried to get as close to the front as possible. (The point series is based off of the clock time- not the chip time. So even if you have the fastest time- you could lose because someone beat you according to the clock time. Weird, I know.) But I was able to get to the very front and found one of 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' super-fast friends, Brady. We chatted a bit before the start. When the race did start I took off. I'm not sure if I was trying to kill myself or just keep up with all the super-mega fast runners that I started with- but I was flying! I got to the first mile marker that had a clock and it read 6:58. I decided to back off and could bearly catch my breath. (I now understand why people always say 'Don't start out too fast'. Lesson learned!)

The course started out the same as the 5K but was a bigger loop and then finished the same as the 5K. It had 2 water stations and I was lucky enough to get the same little girl in footie pajamas as I did at the 5K! She was adorable and was cheering on all the runners saying "Don't quit! You can do it! Keep going everyone!" She definitely made me smile.

I kept checking my pace and I was still right around a 9:30 pace and once again sprinted towards the finish. I was hoping to come in under 1 hour- but finished 1:00:21. It was still almost a 12 minute PR- so I was definitely happy with that!

Once I finished and found my mom, I got 2 chocolate Muscle Milks (those things are seriously delicious) and a pancake. Then we headed home to finish cooking the food we were bringing to a Superbowl party and get ready.
I made mini graham cracker crust, topped with homemade carmel, banana slices, and then homemade whipped cream cupcakes. They were so cute and SO good. I was debating not bringing them to the party and eating all 34 myself. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' made seafood stuffed mushrooms and wings- that apparently were the hit of the party by everyone! I still can't believe the power outtage during the game! Crazy!
Hope everyone enjoyed game and had a great weekend!

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