Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Today we celebrated our good friends (and old roommates) kids FIRST birthday. I cannot believe he is already a year old- it feels like yesterday I was just visiting them in the hospital after he was born.
When we first got the invitation and realized it was going to be Mickey Mouse themed, I knew we should wear our Mickey Mouse shirts we got from Disneyland way back in the day. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' was beyond excited willing to go along with it. ;)

I absolutely LOVE giving gifts and thought I would do something really creative as his gift. For his baby shower I made 2 small blankets for him and I knew he absolutely loved them and took them everywhere he went. I had some of the same material left over, and was able to make 2 more blankets for him for his birthday- a HUGE hit. I bought a bag of the big size legos and tried to 'build' a basket out of lego's to hold the blankets in. Then I bought a Mickey Mouse plate and silverware and have them sticking out at the top. (It kind of looked more like a bad castle and I'm SO mad I didn't take any pictures but you get the point.) Walmart had wipes on sale so I bought 3 boxes of them and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to wrap them in paper and making them look like legos.

'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' decided to go a more 'cooler' route and bought him a super-cute Batman shirt and a little Batman car to play with- another HUGE hit with the birthday boy!

How cute is he?!   
When we get all our friends together I usually try to get a picture of everyone. When we all got together to take the group shot I told everyone to hold up a 1 since it was his 'first' birthday. My friends are so used to my craziness they just go along with it now. :)

The most amazing group of friends

The boys
Love these ladies

Before we left, we quickly changed into running clothes because we're headed to meet the Mudder Militia for a 10 miles trial run. Wish us luck! 

Happy Birthday big boy! :)

Tough Mudder is NEXT weekend and I'm starting to get really scared! 

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