Thursday, February 14, 2013

Keeping with our Valentine's Day tradition... alone!

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog before, but 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I met when we both worked at a restaurant: Marcello's Pasta Grill. One of the many joys of working at a restaurant is not being able to get certain holidays off- especially busy one like Valentine's Day. And the possibility of us both being able to get a holiday off were impossible since they were such busy nights. So we've both worked Valentine's day for the past 7 years at the restaurant  (Even though neither of us 'work' there anymore, we still go in on Valentine's day to work because it is such a busy night for them and they could use the extra help.)

It was fun working on Valentine's day with 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and making some extra $$. Then we would celebrate our Valentine's a week or two later- which was also nice because we didn't have to deal with crowds or anything.

Well, this year was different. When they called to ask if I would work I of course said 'yes'- it's what we've always done, right? What I forgot to realize is that Valentine's day fell during the week this year which meant Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter wouldn't be able to work since he would have his kid. (We have him during the weeks for school and then he goes to his moms on the weekends.)

So what did this mean? Not only were we not spending Valentine's Day together- but now I was stuck working (which I hadn't done it quite some time) with a bunch of new people I didn't know. :/ It's like riding a bike right?!

Still my favorite kitchen staff though! 
Not quite the bike ride I was hoping for. They had completely remodeled the entire resturant and everything was different! Table locations, wine menu's, back stations were moved with different things. It was like I was working in a different restaurant for the first time! Luckily, it wasn't very busy and I got the hang of things pretty quickly.

Every Valentine's Day I've worked for the past 7 years, there has ALWAYS been a proposal. I was getting worried towards the end of the night that there wasn't going to be one this year. But it finally happened! It's always so cute to watch and then to watch everyone's reaction. The woman was so excited and immediately began texting pictures of the ring on one phone and calling people on another. They were so happy!
Once I finally got off, I headed home and went to bed.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! <3

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