Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girls On The Run 5K!!

Today I joined RunningFrida for another year of Girls On The Run 5K! I've done it with her a couple times and I absolutely LOVE everything about this race- what it stands for, what it helps promote, how organized it is, and I especially love meeting all the girls and watching their faces light up as the cross their first finish line!!
(Stole this from Maria's Facebook!)
This picture really says it! They were all nervous and quite before the race, but after- they were SO excited and kept looking at their medals talking about how they already wanted to do another one. Makes my heart happy!!
Sprinting to the finish!!
If you ever have an opportunity to be involved with Girls On The Run- do it! Don't even hesitate, you won't regret it!

I will say, that it is absolutely hysterical to watch the dad/men run with the girls verses the women/moms. The moms are always really sweet and encouraging constantly telling the girls what a great job they are doing (I totally do this too, because I am genuinely impressed with the fast pace some of these young girls can hold!). They'll say stuff like "Let me know if you need to walk" or if they are walking: "Let's try running again at the next light pole!" Always so sweet!
Then we have the men, who approach the Running Buddy technique a little differently. Haha!! They are constantly checking their watches and say things like "We can't keep stopping and starting, we need to run the whole time" and "Since we got water, we need to pick up the pace and hold a XX minute mile!" The girls I think find it funny watching the men/dads struggle their competitiveness nature. It is SUPER cute to watch the difference.

*Have you ever been involved with Girls On The Run? 

*Are you a super competitive runner or more relaxed?

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