Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Out of town visitors for the week!

Two of our cousins, Jess and Damion, came down to Arizona to hang out with us and celebrate their 10 year anniversary! We packed so many fun activities into the week, it was so much fun!

They got here while I was at Relay For Life on Friday, so after I finally got a few hours of sleep I met them for my nephews soccer game Saturday, at 10am! (Remember how I left Relay For Life at 6am? Yeah, I was still pretty exhausted.)
It's so hilarious to watch tiny kids playing soccer, they all just follow each other around the field! haha!
After the game we went to lunch and hung out. Since they drove from Colorado, they brought us our Christmas gifts from our bonus-mom. Probably the best gift I've ever received! She made each of us a blanket out of my dads old shirts! Everything from his work shirts to his Ironman Support shirt-- she even put his Team Sprinkles and Glitter shirt on there!!! I absolutely loved it and may have cried.
(My sisters, was just a sweet with all the shirts he had made with the pictures of him and her kids.)
'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' had to work at Macello's to help out with a catering event (the place where we met), so we thought it would be fun to go in for dinner and see him.
After dinner, we headed over to B.A.D. Bingo (Bingo After Dark) with our cousins. SO. MUCH. FUN! Even though we didn't win a penny, we still had a lot of funny playing and chair dancing. haha!
Sunday, we hit up the outlet mall for some shopping and had a BBQ at my sisters.

Monday after work, we all met up at Top Golf. This place has been all over social media lately, and now I can see why! We had so much fun there- even my little niece and nephew loved playing with their mini clubs!!
Tuesday, they bought us all tickets to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game! None of us are really that into baseball, but we definitely had a good time eating all the ballpark food while trying to figure out the selfie photobooth machine! haha!!
The ultimate selfie!! 
It took us WAY too many tries to figure out how to use the photobooth that that had! haha!!

Wednesday was our last day with them because Thursday was their actual anniversary and they were heading out to a nice resort on the other side of town on their way back to Colorado.

We went to Ruslter's Roost- which is where my dad chooses to go EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he comes to town. He absolutely loves so they wanted to see what all the hype was about. :)

My niece and nephew felt obligated to take them down the slide at least 10 times- you know, so they really got the full experience! ;)
And we had cotton candy for dessert. We said goodbye in the parking lot where they showed us their custom made, engraved bowling balls that they brought with them! I could not stop laughing!

It was so much fun having them visit for the week! We did so much and I can't wait to them again!!

*How long have you and your significant other been together? 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I will celebrate 10 years this October! It's crazy how fast the time goes!!

*Do you like sports? 

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