Saturday, April 18, 2015

Relay For Life!

I did Relay For Life a few years ago with my cousins and it was a blast! I loved the fun raising events we did, the friendships I made, and the actual event was so amazing. I always knew I wanted to do it again, so when my friend, Vero made a team, I quickly joined Los Luchadores.
So after work I ran home and quickly changed and packed up a bag for the night with some extra clothes and snacks.

Last time I did Relay For Life I had a goal to walk all 12 hours. I did and ended up walking about 17 miles. I was SO sore and so tried at the end, my mom came to drive me home. I got home and had about an hour before The Cheetah Run 5K. I remember my mom picking me up and instantly falling back asleep in the car as she drove me to the race. I could hardly move when I tried to get out of the car.
Anyways, this year I had a goal to walk at least a marathon over the 12 hours. I got there right before it started and immediately started walking. My team started to arrive and it was SO much fun! They had cancer survivors talk about their struggle (and victory) with cancer, as well as bands, singers, dance teams, and midnight yoga.
The sunset over the mountains was so pretty. And I always love when they light the luminaries around the track. 
I tried running 1 lap after I would walk 3-4. It felt good and was doing a good job of keeping me warm. Most of my team left as the activities starting shutting down and everyone was gone by 2am.

This event was a lot smaller than the one I had done previously, and when it got to be about 3am, they ended up shutting off all the stadium lights (so people could sleep in their tents) and I was the only one walking the makeshift track in the dark. It made it REALLY hard to stay away and keep walking- I was freezing and starting to get pretty sore.

I ended up leaving right at 6am, even though they were going to serve breakfast and have a closing speech. I was too sore and tired to stay any longer and still had a 45 minute drive home.

I barely hit 30 miles- but I did it! I've never felt such satisfaction as I did crawling into bed as the sun was coming up- I felt like I could have slept for a week!
My reason for walking, my dad. 
*Have you ever done Relay For Life? 

*What are some of your favorite charity events?

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