Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ugly Sweater Run...without an ugly sweater

Today I was my first 'real' workout since Ironman. I was originally signed up for 2 different 5K's today but one of them got cancelled and rescheduled due to the rainy weather.

So that meant I got to sleep in a little bit longer before heading down to Tempe Town Lake (I swear, that place is becoming a second home to me!) for The Ugly Sweater Run. It was still sprinkling when I left my house but nothing too bad.

I got down there and couldn't figure out where to go to get my race number and everything- it was REALLY confusing. I finally found a line and waited for over 20 minutes to get my race number. I got it and when I went to get into the next line for my hat, they said the run was about to start so come back after to get it. (This actually worked out perfectly- because then I didn't have to carry it for the whole run.)

The best part of the run was that they had a toy drive for 'Toys for Tots' and were able to collect a TON of new toys!! :) (All those bins were full too!)

I was surprised at how packed this run- definitely a great turn out! I got to the start line and there were ugly sweaters everywhere! Even the dogs had on ugly sweaters!!

The only person who didn't have an ugly sweat on- was me! Seriously- word to the wise- don't show up to a themed run, not participating in said theme. You will stick out like a sore thumb- I was like The Grinch!! Everybody- and I mean every-body was in an ugly sweater!!

I think there a countdown and then we were off. (This was a very walker/stroller/pet friendly race- so if you're looking to PR or something crazy- this is not the race for you.) It took awhile to weave through enough people to have some room to run- but once I got past a lot of the walkers/strollers/pets it was great! I didn't have my watch, but I knew what time I started and I was surprised that I was  keeping a pretty good pace for the first mile.

I came up to the first aid station and was definitely in need of some water.... all they had was hot chocolate! Like steaming hot- hot chocolate! (I could already see the fiasco of me trying to drink it while running and burning my face off. So I passed on the hot chocolate.)

Then I see this: Curry-freaking-hill!!!

My archenemy: Curry Hill. No matter how many times I do this hill I still hate it. It doesn't even look like that big of a hill- which I think is the problem. You don't think it's a hill- so you try to keep your normal pace and next thing you know, you're huffing and puffing wondering what the heck happened!! (This is why I walked it at Ironman!! :))

I somehow got myself over Curry Hill and knew I was almost done. I tried to pick up the pace and finish strong. Throughout the race they had a bunch of blow-up Christmas decorations (raindeer, presents, Santa, etc). Right after we passed 2.5 miles, there was the 'Enchanted Forest' with a bunch of blow-up trees and fake snow!

Coming up on it, I got nervous. I saw a woman running and slip on it as she ran through. (Knowing me- I knew I'd probably fall!!) I decided to walk through the 'snow' which meant I got a good dose of it on me. No problem right?! WRONG! It wasn't snow- and whatever it was was burning my eyes- BAD!! (It smelled like dish soap...) I tried to wipe my eyes with my jacket- but it was covered in 'snow' too! I must of looked crazy, trying to run with my eyes closed, with my hands stretched out in front of me like a zombie! haha!

I eventually came up on the finish line and was surprised to see no clock? I am guessing my time was around 29 minutes. I quickly went back over and grabbed my hat. Didn't want to pass up getting one of these bad boys!! ;)

Once I had my sweet beanie, I walked back to my car and met Maria and Vero to do our long run together. The plan was to do 15 miles but I only made it another 7. I felt fine when we started, but the further we got the slower I got. I didn't want to hold them back and figured 10 was enough since it was my first run after Ironman. (They both totally killed it and finished over 15 miles!! They're amazing!)

Do you like doing themed races? (Do you participate when you do them? ;))

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