Saturday, November 16, 2013

Here we go.... Ironman weekend is here!!

Holy moly!! Tomorrow is IRONMAN ARIZONA!!

This is what I've dreaming about, working towards, and training for, for over a year now! Heck, it's the reason I started this blog!! How is it already here?! This past year has flown by!
I made shirts for everyone to wear and they came out really cute. The vinyl and my sisters machine that cuts it- ridiculously hard to use! You would have thought by the 9th or 10th shirt it would have gotten easier- NOPE!!

My mom flew in from Hawaii (she lives there now) on Wednesday and my dad and bonus-mom drove in from Colorado on Friday. Having them here definitely made things feel more real!

Dad, Bonus Mom, sister, Mom. (If you thought I would comb my hair for Ironman.. you thought wrong!;)
On Friday, I left work early and went down to Tempe Town Lake for 'Athlete Check-In'. If it didn't feel real seeing my family, putting on the athlete bracelet, and getting the backpack definitely felt real!!

The run course getting mapped out! AHHHH!!

coolest backpack ever!!
That night 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' cleaned my bike from top to bottom, changed the bar tape, put on his race wheels and new tires- everything!! It looked SO good!

I had a mild melt down a couple days ago. (I finally got a bike fit a couple weeks ago and it helped with me being uncomfortable in my seat a little. It still wasn't great- but better than it was before. It hurt so bad I really was worried it was bad enough I wouldn't finish the bike.) Anyways, on Wednesday, when I went to pick up my wet suit from Triple Sports and when I was there I noticed they had a bunch of Adamo seats behind the counter. (Anytime I ask anyone what kind of seat they have or what they would recommend- the answer was ALWAYS Adamo! From the random people I met through training to the guy who did my bike fit to all my friends. Ev-ery-one!)

So... I asked if they do seat rentals. Sure enough they do! The guy working there obviously knew I was doing Ironman and said he wouldn't recommend me getting a new seat 4 days before Ironman. But then the women behind me in line said that she would totally do it if she were me and that it was 110% worth it. She said she got one before 150 mile bike ride and loved every second of it!

I still wasn't quite sold- I'm not stupid- I know changing my bike seat 4 days before Ironman is ridiculous. But then the lady said "it can't get worse can it?" SO true! That is what did it for me. I rented the seat and brought it home. When I got home, 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' thought I was nuts for wanting to change my seat but did think it would help with me being so uncomfortable.

SOO... he changed my seat. Then later that night, I'm trying to eat dinner (which has been such a struggle because I've been so nervous!) and I just lose it. What the freak am I doing changing my seat 4 days before Ironman?! Then I just start to question everything- did I do enough training, did I train the right way, should I have done more.... etc. I felt so bad for 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' because he didn't even know what was going on with me. But he told me I had done MORE than enough and I was ready and I just needed to trust my training.

As I was sitting there trying to eat, we had 'The Biggest Loser' on in the background and Carsen ('Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's son) was getting ready for bed and saw me crying and heard 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' telling me not to stress and everything would be fine. So I think Carsen thought I was crying because of the show because he said "Are you crying?! You don't have to cry- they're going to get skinny. They're fat now- but they do get skinny!" I died laughing! It was exactly what I needed and was hilarious!

Today, I went back down to the lake and did the practice swim, dropped off my bike/bags, and registered for next year! It was the first time I tried on the rented wetsuit and it was perfect! It fit great and the water temps were great.
The next time I'll see this bike- I'll be running through transistion heading out for 112 mile bike ride! AHHH!!
Now I'm at home about eat dinner and go to bed! Oh yeah- and pack the rest of my bags!!

Lots of bags with a side of Paris. :)

I still can't believe I registered for next year! 

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!! 

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