Sunday, December 15, 2013

Running and cupcakes!!

This weekend has been a crazy busy weekend!

Today I did a 5K with Girls On The Run. Maria (RunningFrida) is a coach for Girls On The Run, through her school and at the end of every season the girls run a 5k. For most of them it's their first 5k!! All the girls get paired up with an adult 'buddy' to run the race with. I absolutely love the idea of teaching young girls how strong they are and empowering them- so I jumped at the chance to be a buddy!!

The 5K was actually supposed to be a couple weeks ago (the same day as The Ugly Run but got rescheduled due to the rain. So, it paired up with the Fiesta Bowl 5K and Half Marathon for today. Then she planned a little pot-luck-after-party for all the girls, their families, and the buddies. I, of course, brought cupcakes...with sprinkles and glitter. (Did you really expect anything else?? ;))

I got there pretty early, and found our group. I got my bib and shirt (how cool are the bibs for this race?!) and then got paired up with my buddy.

We slowly made our way to start line. The Fiesta Bowl 5K started 5 minutes before The Girls On The Run. (I think it worked out great, because our girls didn't have to worry about getting trampled!) We got together for one last cheer and a countdown and we were off!

Lawd.have.mer-say! My girl could move- and move FAST! She took off like a lightening bolt and I was just trying to keep up with her. We were seriously running so fast and passing everyone- I think we even passed some of the regular 5K runners.

I thought that there was no way she was going to be able to keep that pace, so I held on and tried to keep up. I tried to keep up conversation, but the most I could get our was (breathe) "good" (breathe) "job" (breathe)!! I. Was. Dying!!

We reached the first aid station and she stopped and said she wanted a Gatorade. Hallelujah! She grabbed her Gatorade and a water while I'm off to the side with my hands on my head trying to breathe, hands on my knees trying to breathe, wondering what I was going to do for the remaining 2 miles.  Once she threw her cups away she said she wants to run again. Just like that we were off, back on the horse, out of the gate, aka- trying not to die!

Her race number says it all!! Speed Demon!! ;)
She kept the pace up for a majority of the mile- while I just tried to keep up with her. We walked for a couple seconds here and there but hardly long enough to take a deep breathe. When we reached the second aid station at mile 2, she again stopped to get a Gatorade. I ran into one of my friends who was running and introduced her to my running buddy.

I think she thought my running buddy was just walking/trying to finish- because she told us to jog with her, just at a slow, easy pace. Well, that did it! My buddy doesn't jog. So we took off like the lightning bolt that she is and totally blew by my friend. I thanked her for cutting my break short and awakening the beast. She was shocked at how fast my little buddy was and cheered us on.

This was it- we had less that a mile to go!! I tried to tell her funny stories or encourage her and told her she was about to finish her FIRST 5K!! Towards the end, she was encouraging me- saying things like "we can do this!", "we're going to make it!", and "we're almost there!" It was adorable!!

We turned the final corner and saw the finish line. We picked up the pace and finished with a sprint across the finish line. We were so fast that Maria wasn't even there to see us finish!! We found her and watched the other girls finish.

Then we all gathered for the potluck and she gave out awards (and some cute stuff she made) to all of the girls. It was a lot of fun!

After the run I had to hurry home and get ready for my friends baby shower. (And by get ready- I really mean finish making her gift!)

I made her a diaper cake and 2 cute baby blankets (that I forgot to take pictures of!). My favorite part of the cake.....

How cute are those shoes?! I already checked and they don't come in my size. I know, bummer. ;) The worst part was when I got home and realized I left FOUR toys off of the cake! Opps!

What did you do this weekend??

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