Thursday, September 12, 2013

Splash n' Dash!

I've been so excited all week for today's Splash n' Dash I could hardly sit still at work today! It was a 1500 meter swim followed by a 5k run- since it's been so hot lately wet suits were not allowed. Sucks, I know!

Great day for a race!

I brought all my stuff with me to work and headed straight there when I got off. When I got there, I got checked in and body marked and hung out with these hotties, waiting for the start.

Before I knew it, we were treading water waiting for the start. A short countdown later and we were off. I'm disappointed in my lack of focus for the first part of the swim. The entire first loop I have NO CLUE what I was doing.... I was literally thinking about spiral curling my hair for me and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' anniversary?! (Seriously?! It's not for another month and we have NO plans and I have not thought about it once and this is the time I start thinking about my hair for it?!)

So when I started the second loop I snapped out of it and actually focused on swimming (not my hair!) and picked up the pace. The second loop was a LOT fast than the first and way more focused. Time for the swim: 33 minutes- I was hoping to be close to 30 and I think I would have if I would have focused that first loop. You live you learn, right?!

I quickly exited the water and ran into the transition area. We had a great spot in transition since one of my friends got there early. I quickly put on running shoes and took off for the run. (Happy with my speedy transition time of 51 seconds. ;))

The run was great. I knew the course and there was a beautiful sunset followed by a full moon. I doesn't get much better than that. I made small conversions with other runners and that helped pass the time. I saw several friends both racing and volunteering and that always makes it more exciting. I had to stop to tie my shoes four times- FOUR!! I will be making the switch to quick laces so this stops happening- it was so frustrating to have to keep stopping and starting.

The lake all lit up after. So pretty!

I finished the run 30 minutes for a total time of 1:04. Not great, but I'll take it. My goal was to be under an hour and I think I would have been close if I hadn't been daydreaming for the first part of the swim. I already can't wait until the next one to redeem myself. :)

I'm racing the Olympic at Nathan's this weekend. Anyone else racing?!

Have a great Friday!! 

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