Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st 100 miler!!

I did it! I completed my longest bike ride ever today! To say I am extremely happy would be an understatement!
SO glad to be done!
@runningfrida and I started at 6am at Tempe Town Lake- this place is beginning to feel like my second home! ;) We road the Ironman Arizona route up to Shea Blvd and kept going to Bush Highway. We turned around and came all the way back to Tempe Town Lake and then went back up to Shea Blvd for the last 40 miles.
I know it only looks like a couple inches but THAT is what 100 miles looks like! (loops of it anyway ;))
It took us 6:40 minutes- that's with all the stops at street lights,etc. I'm pretty happy with that time. I felt good the entire time and am still in shock we rode 100 miles!!

After the ride, I came home and 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' watched a million episodes of 'Breaking Bad'-- we just started watching it on Netflix and we are OB-SESSED! Such a good show! Anyways... we had a date planned and we were going to get all dressed up and everything for it.

A hundred mile bike ride ('Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' rode 100 miles today too!) and million episodes later... we still went out on our date, we just ended up in race shirts and sweats! ;)

Another lovely iPhone picture! I'm not sure why I look so white either?
We went to Porkopolis and it was amazing! Always a great time with this guy!! Love him!

What's the longest you've ever biked before? 

Anyone have fun weekend plans?

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