Monday, September 23, 2013

Meeting Grumpy Cat!!

 So after the race, we went to a nearby bar/restaurant to meet some friends, get some food, and watch some football. While we were there, I got the craziest text ever from my good friend:  
 ((Apparently, Grumpy Cat lives in Arizona and had some new books coming out (did you know it had books?!) and was on tour. My friend got a ticket through her work (she's a teacher) and it was for her and one guest. The ticket was $15 dollars! I was so shocked when I found that out- but all the money gets donated to animal shelters so I thought that was pretty cool. ))
Of course, I freaked out when I saw the message and wanted to go! My friend said she was in a ridiculously long line and I had plenty of time to get there. We finished our lunch and I for sure thought it was too late- nope! She was STILL in line. I hurried and dropped 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' off at the house and then hauled booty to the bookstore. (There was no time for showering or changing at this point!)
I got there and my friend was NOT joking when she said the line was insane! You had to have a ticket and then were put into groups of about 30. We were in group Y.... The groups started at A and went all the way through the alphabet and then to GG. The line was wrapped around the shopping center! I got there when they were at T. So we still had a while to wait together as weaved our way through the book store.
Pretend it's not blurry! ;)
These signs were EVERYWHERE in the bookstore reminding everyone not to touch her. (Grumpy Cat is a female and her real name is Tatar Sauce.... I might be grumpy with a name like that too! ;))
 We finally got up there and there was a couple right in front of us and they each took separate photos with the (sleeping) Grumpy Cat. We handed the worker our camera and asked to get separate photos as well- she told us we only had one ticket so we could only get one photo. ....ooook.... So we hurried over and huddled around the sleeping (super-freaking-tiny/ I-thought-it-was-a-kitten!!) Grumpy Cat and the security guy who... was also dressed us as Grumpy Cat? Not awkward at all...
Look- it's face is the same size as the one of the book! SOO tiny!
It all happened so fast, we then made our way to a counter and got a free poster- that they were offering to stamp with a her paw print!). HAHA! I hope one day I am so famous that people pay $15 dollars and wait in line for hours to see me sleeping on a pillow in a bookstore! Craziness!!
Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who??

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