Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tempe International Race Recap!!

Yesterday was the first race I can honestly say I did my best and couldn't have done anything better, it was a great race. Both 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I did the race- he did the Sprint and I did the Olympic.

'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I woke up at 4:30am and started getting ready- which was really him getting ready and me sleeping another 30 minutes. ;)

We left and headed down to the lake and got there about 5:40am. We parked and road our bikes over to the transition area- that's always fun when you have a heavy backpack to carry!

Once we got into transitions we went out separate ways; got set up, body marked, and ready to head down to the start. We met up again by the water and since the Sprint distance was starting first 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' jumped in and did a quick warm-up/practice swim. I was also doing important things like meeting up with some of our friends, eating my banana, and then finally I put on my wet suit. ;)
We were both pumped and ready to go when we found out there was going to be a 45 minute delay. That sucked. We stood around in the already-hot-sun waiting and just thinking of how much hotter it was going to be during the actual race. But there was nothing we could do about it, so we chatted with friends and tried not to think about.

After the long delay, we finally got started. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' was in one of the first waves so I was able to see him start the swim, finish the swim, and head out on the bike before I started my swim. I was glad I got to see him and cheer him on.

Then it was time for me to jump in the water with the other pink caps. I was so excited and ready for this race I don't think I was that nervous. I made my way to the front of the group and then off we went. I had an AMAZING swim! I felt great the entire time and never felt I was going too fast or too slow. I finished my swim in just under 29 minutes- which I was really happy with.

I quickly got out and made my way up the mountain pathway to the transition area. I got my wet suit off and quickly got going on the bike. About 100 yards into the bike I grabbed one of my water bottles for a drink. When I went to put it back it slipped out and fell to the ground. I mentally threw my hands in the air and said 'eff that water bottle! I don't need it anyway. I have a second one.' Then I looked down and realized it was 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' Mountain Man water bottle- AKA the water bottle from his favorite race! So I slam on my brakes, pull over, set my bike down against the curb, and go running back to bike up said water bottle. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Lessons learned- don't take water bottles you care about (or think 'Mr.-Sprinkles-and-Glitter-cares-about-only-to-find-out-he-doesn't!) on race day. And in the event that you do drop a water bottle- LEAVE IT! It's not worth stopping and going back for- trust me on this one.
This was seriously me....
Once I was back on the bike everything went smoothly. I held a good pace and felt good. The bike course was 2 large 12 mile loops and when I started my second loop I was looking for 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' thinking he would be done with his race. I didn't see him. :( But one of his good friends David was there and screamed out 'GO KIM!' so loud (and since he was under a bridge it echoed) it was pretty awesome! :)

On the second loop of the bike I tried to push the pace a little more and finish strong. When I got back to the transition area I jumped off my bike and went running in to quickly rack my bike and get going on the run. Once again, I felt a sharp poke on my side! Another bee sting! This time I  almost threw my bike down  tried not to freak out and when I shook out my jersey, I  saw the fuzzy culprit plummet to the ground.  (Anyone else find it strange that I've gone almost 25 years without ever getting stung by a bee and then it happens twice in a 2 week period?! At least I'm facing my fears right?? ;))

Right before the bee incident....
Once the bee was out, I hurried and racked my bike and threw on my running sneakers. I grabbed my bag of tricks shot blocks and headed out to finish the run. As I was leaving transition I finally saw 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and was so happy!

The run was H.O.T.! At every aid station I grabbed 2 cups of water- 1 to drink and the over to pour over my body to try to stay somewhat cool, but by the time I reached the next aid station I was already dry and hot again. I tried to go at quicker pace and actually felt really good. I never got tired or felt low on energy. The run was also 2 loops, and when I started my second loop- once again, I didn't see 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter'- but did see his friend David- who again, was loudly cheering for me. It was so good to see him and have him cheer me on.

I tried to pick up the pace towards the end of my second loop, and was actually surprised at how great I felt. When I was approaching the finish I was full-on sprinting up the same hill mountain we had to run up after the swim start. It was hard but I knew I was almost done. Plus I saw 2 girlfriends on the sidewalk cheering me on!! (They had just finished a 20 mile run and stopped by to see me finish like it was no big deal.) I was so surprised and excited to see them I picked it up even more and when I turned the final corner and literally ran into the finish the line. Last year it was a bit further back and a ways from the final turn but this year it was RIGHT there.

I saw the clock and knew I finished right around 3 hours. Official time was 3:04:48- which is a 26 minute PR for me! I'll take that. ;) After I finished I got my medal and a coozie with Dixie cup half-full of water. Seriously? Seriously. I was dying of thirst and when I asked for more water the volunteers seemed really annoyed. I found 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and all of our friends. We discussed each others races and then packed up and headed out to get lunch.

After lunch, my mom came over and we headed to fro-yo. You guys...!! My mom has NEVER had fro-yo before today! Can you believe that?! I have failed as her daughter. Don't worry, I told her we would make up for it and go once a week for the next year. ;) She loved it and we will definitely be going back soon.

Can you guess which one is mine?! ;)

 Overall, it was a great day! Super hot but we both had amazing races and couldn't be happier. 

Have you ever been stung by a bee?!

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  1. I have! when i was a kid. That's my biggest fear when im out riding cause i almost got stung while on a ride! and i know i have bad reaction to bees.