Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick trip to the big LA!

 A couple weeks ago I got this picture as a text message from my brother with the caption that says "It's official! Now you HAVE to come home for Memorial Day!!"

My brother got ENGAGED!!! I haven't ever met his girlfriend fiance before and a lot of our out-of-state family was already planning a trip to Las Animas, Colorado- where my dad lives for Memorial Day. (It's a really teeny, tiny town with 1 stop light in the whole town.) So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and made a quick weekend trip!

I left Friday after work and flew into Denver where my brother and his fiancé picked me up and we started the 4 hour drive home. We FINALLY got there at 1:30am. Since my sister and her family were sleeping in our old room (and my brother obviously slept in his room) I was the lucky one who got the couch. ;)
We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and had BIG plans! We went on a ride in this bad boy!

Seriously, so much fun! The kids (and adults) LOVED it! When my niece saw the horses outside she ran up to my sister and asked if they brought her boots because she was going to need her boots! haha! My nephew was a little unsure once we actually got in and it actually started moving but he warmed up to it by the end of the ride. ;)

After everyone got a ride we helped our friends load the stage coach and the horses into the trailers. The horses were seriously so cute! She asked me if I wanted to take one of the horses for a ride while they fixed a flat tire- ummmm YES!! The fact that I was wearing shorts and flip flops and didn't have a saddle didn't even phase me. ;) I loved every second of it!

Once we loaded the horses up and they promised to give them both extra oats we headed inside and started cooking lunch/dinner for 50+ people! At one point, I felt like the whole entire town was eating in our kitchen and on our deck! We were packed! But the food was SOO good! After we ate, I forced asked my brother and new SIL to come on a run with me. OMAGAWD! So much fun! My brother downloaded a new APP for me (on my new way-too-smart-iPhone) called 'Map My Fitness' and I was excited to test it out. Plus, I LOVE running with people.

We ran down our road and around Fort Lyon (which is where my bonus mom used to work when it was the VA and then where my dad used to work when it turned into a prison.) and then back home. On our run we saw a bunch of bunnies, a SNAKE!, and a deer- definitely things you don't see in the city. On the last stretch, my SIL (I can call her that even though they just got engaged right?!) asked if I wanted to sprint home. Seriously, is she not the coolest SIL ever?! She not only runs with me but she tries to kill me at the end with a 5:03 sprint pace! LOVE it! If you don't have a SIL- I highly recommend getting one! They are the best! :)

Then, I of course, forced them to take a sweaty picture with me! (I know it looks like we are all talking but we are just still breathing really hard from the last sprint.)

After our run, we went to check out our aunts ranch house where they were staying (and thinking about buying). While we were there, someone threw out the word 'ice cream' and next thing I know my dad was taking orders and making the 15 mile trip to Dairy Queen in town. (Best dad ever!)

When he came back with our massive order, my brother decided to try the ol' 'flip-the-blizzard-upside-down thingy they used to do at DQ when they handed you the blizzard.... ya.... thank gosh he had a lid on it! It didn't work. I'm sure the 15 mile drive back from Dairy Queen had nothing to do with it. ;) ((EDIT:: I have since seen the new Dairy Queen commercials where they are bringing back the blizzard-flip-thing!! I immediately texted my brother and haven't stopped craving a blizzard since!))

Tomorrow we are having a 'family fish fry'! Ya, I'll definitely keep you posted on how that goes!

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on your runs??                                  

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