Sunday, May 26, 2013

The fish fry where I ended up in a sombrero....

So I woke up on the floor this morning to my brother and SIL asking if I wanted to go on a run before the big fish fry. I of course jumped out of bed off the floor (?) and got ready. Once again, it was such a gorgeous run. We ran the same route but went a little further around Fort Lyon. At one point we were running through all the abandon buildings talking about it would be a great place to film a horror movie. (If that doesn't speed your pace up I don't know what will!;)) It was fun to run around and reminisce where we spent so much of our summer as kids. The public pool where we begged our parents to take us every week and the baseball field where we watched fireworks on the fourth of July. It's sad to see it all empty and abandon now.

When we got back, my dad was out in the yard and right when he saw us he asked if I wanted him to take our picture. I haven't even been here 2 full days and he already knows I need a picture of everything I do! Love that guy!

My bonus mom made Scottish Eggs for breakfast. So, so, SO good! I have always been hesitant to try them but since my 4 year old niece tried it I figured I should too. (You know, set a good example.;)) LOVED it and can't wait until I eat one again!

After breakfast we started the looong process of getting everyone showered and ready to go. With 9 people it takes awhile. Once we were all ready we decided to walk the mile down the road to my aunt and uncles house for the fish fry. We go about half way there and my niece got tired. Thankfully my dad decided to drive and drove by us shortly after and we were able to flag him down. I didn't want be rude and turn down a free car ride (plus it was ridiculously hot!) so I hopped in the car and drove the remaining half mile. In that half mile I think our top speed reached 20 miles an hour- but somehow my dad managed to hit a squirrel? Right in front of my aunt and uncles house! He definitely knows how to make an entrance! haha!

Once again, I felt like the whole town was in their kitchen- I don't even know how we all fit! Somehow we managed to get food and find a spot a the table. There were the most amazing rolls ever at this fish fry. I don't know who made them but I need more. I won't say how many I ate but I will say it was more than 4.

Then my cousin Jessica and her husband Damion arrived- you can always tell when they arrive because he walks in with HUGE bags full of chips! He works for Frito Lays and the whole family benefits. I had so much fun catching up with them. At one point my bonus mom asked what it means when you get "poked" on Facebook. We started explaining it to her and the next thing I know I am laughing so hard I'm crying as she is trying think of a name of a western movie about a girl getting poked by a cowboy... turns out it wasn't Debbie Does Dallas and was Lonesome Dove.

The kids had an absolutely blast playing with all the other kids there until they found the piano- then they were in heaven! I've never heard more hands bang on the same piano at the same time! My sister had the bright idea to unplug it and then tell them it was broken. They totally forgot about it until my smart-pants niece realized it was unplugged and plugged it back in. SO funny!

Since the fish fry was technically considered lunch, when we left and got home we couldn't decide what to do for dinner. We all knew we didn't want to cook so we decided to go out to one of the few restaurants in  town- Carmen's! Oh my gosh it was so good! We finished dinner and the next thing I know I'm wearing a sombrero, there is not one but TWO ice cream cakes brought out, and everyone is singing me Happy Birthday!  

Someone besides me couldn't take her eyes off the prize either! ;)
Cake was absolutely delicious and turned everyone's entire mouth blue, the sombrero was a lot heavier than I imagined it, and the singing was hilarious!

After dinner we said good bye in the parking lot and my brother, SIL, and I started the 4 hour trip back to Denver. (Since my flight left at 6am we decided to drive up tonight and sleep at his house so we wouldn't have to wake up at 2am in the morning to leave.)

I'll be back in Sunny AZ tomorrow and there is less than a week until my first 70.3!!

What did you do for Memorial Day? Did anyone else go out of town? 

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