Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm officially broke and have nothing to show for it

*A little background information on Ironman events: they are extremely popular and there are only 2 ways you can register for it:

1. Volunteer at the previous years Ironman and then get priority registration. Priority registration means that you are guaranteed a spot in the next years events. So, you have to volunteer at the previous years event (like I did yesterday) and then you still have to go down and wait in a ridiculously long line the next day, with all the other volunteers registering. (This is by far the best way to go about it! You are guaranteed a spot.)

Option #2, is general registration open to the public, which is done online. Very convenient, however, it doesn't open until noon, after all the volunteers are registered, and it sells out VERY quickly. This year, it sold out in 40 SECONDS!! (Wouldn't recommend going this route... You blink, you miss it.)

So, we all know I went with door number 1. I volunteered bright and early at yesterdays Ironman and then had the pleasure of waking up bright and early again today, to go back down to Tempe Town Lake and wait in a ridiculously long line.... for OVER THREE HOURS!! Luckily, I have the best boyfriend ever and he volunteered to go with me and keep me company. (Ok, that is a lie, he went down there to wait in an equally long line to buy some really awesome finisher gear and clothing. But once he finished that he did come keep me company for the last hour in line! :))

I thought that since registration didn't open until 8am, us getting there at 5:30 would make it to where I was one of the first people in line and we would get in and get out. Boy was I wrong!! The first guy in line had been there since 3:30am!! I've never in my life seen a line like this, it was never ending! It was also EXTREMELY slow moving. 

But I finally got up to the registration tent and my heart was racing- I felt like I was about to jump in the water for the actual Ironman event. I had dreamt of this moment for SO long and it was finally here! I walked in to the registration tent like I owned the place, not knowing what to expect but expecting something good- like a live band and cupcakes or something.

They asked me to write my name, date of birth, and email address on a small scrap of paper. I quickly wrote it down then was told to wait in ANOTHER LINE. This was the line leading up to the people with the computers who actually take your money and register you.

I got up there, handed her my piece of paper with my information and she started entering everything in on the computer. THIS was it, I was registering for my first IRONMAN! 

Once she was done typing my whole life story processing the payment, she asked if I wanted to take picture on my phone of the registration confirmation, I told her no because my phone takes such crappy photos it wouldn't have turned out anyways. She told me I would get emailed the confirmation as well as the rest of the registration information. 

That was it. It was done.
No confetti fell from the ceiling, no live bands, and unfortunately, no cupcakes.I didn't even get anything to take with me besides my little scrap piece of paper with my own information on it.

So I left $708 dollars broker (I know it's not a real word- just go with it) and nothing to show for it but my scrap piece of paper and the free Ironman chap-stick they handed out while I was waiting in line. 

But, I am officially registered for the 2013 Arizona Ironman!! Yay!! :)

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