Sunday, January 25, 2015

B.A.D. Bingo Birthday!

On Friday my big sister turned 28! Twenty-eight?! Seriously?! I still remember her seventh birthday when our parents let her have our first sleep over with 13 girls!! (After being up all night, my mom always said there was a reason invitation packs only came with 8. haha!!)

So on Friday, my mom flew into town and we all met up for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. So good! One of my sister's friends joined us, who was kids about my niece and nephews ages- and it was hilarious to watch them interact with each other. Kids really do say the darnest things! ;)

Then on Saturday, I went shopping with my mom and my sister and we headed out to B.A.D. Bingo (Bingo After Dark) at 9:30pm.... wayyy past my normal bed time! It was at a local casino and I always forget people are allowed to smoke in casinos- so gross. Luckily, the Bingo room was non-smoking. 

We met up with several of my sisters friends and bought out bingo sheets and 'doppers'- the thing you use to make the numbers. We also got a bunch of free glow sticks. (Everyone was being super cute and wearing them like headbands- yeeeeeahhhh... my head is WAY too big for that. I did hold it on for a couple pictures to pretend I had a normal size head.... :))
They turned out the lights and had a D.J., who hosted a karaoke contest before we started. Once we started it was seriously intense!! No joke! They had loud music playing, lights streaming, and they were calling out the numbers SO fast! I think there was less than 5 seconds before numbers- which is not long when you are checking 6 different sheets on your paper in the dark! 
I was really anticipating one of us winning- but unfortunately none of us won. I did however, win a free shirt! :)

Happy, happy Birthday to my favorite sister in the entire world! I literally don't know life without you and can't imagine it any other way. 28 looks good on you! :)

Have you ever tried B.A.D. Bingo? I loved it and definitely think I'll be back! 

When's your Birthday? May 31st. 

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