Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kicking off Superbowl 49!!

Today was a SUPER fun race! My friend works for the Cardinals and got free entries into their 4.9k Superbowl 49 kickoff race.

I was a little worried because it had rained on and off throughout the night, and was supposed to rain again this morning, but it ended up being perfect weather! The ground was a little muddy at the start but not too bad.

We got to Rawhide and walked around a little bit before it started and saw Big Red and some of the Cardinals cheerleaders. I was determined to get a picture with Big Red before we left. ;)

The race started and we went out FAST... probably a little too fast. I think at one point, she said we were doing an 8:15 pace....

We came up on the first water station and walked through it as we grabbed water. We started running again- and it was hard. We were definitely pushing ourselves! We walked through the second aid station and then practically sprinted the rest of the way to the finish.
Proof that I was absolutely loving life... ;)

As I came up to the finish I was too busy waving my hands in the air like like I just don't care, and totally missed high-fiving Big Red!!
But he totally realized I probably made the biggest mistake of my life and backed up and let me have a re-do. :)
Once we finished, we got some Gatorade and awesome post-race food- seriously, for this being a smaller race, it really had such a great spread of post-race food: protein bars, bananas, oranges, pretzels, water, chips, etc.

we walked around for a little bit and actually caught Big Red leaving and was able to stop him and snap a picture with him!! MADE MY DAY!!

We left with all our hands full of stuff- including a free water bottle from a local news station! This was such a fun, friendly race- with GREAT weather! :)

Who's excited for the Superbowl?!

What's your favorite football team? Mine would have to be the Arizona Cardinals with the Denver Broncos in a close second place. ;)

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