Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Officially starting to taper!

I cannot believe we are already in November and Ironman and 12 days away!! Where did the time go?! 
This past weekend was the last weekend of 'long' workouts- I say 'long' because they were still much shorter than they have been. :)

On Saturday, I met RunningFrida and Vero for a bike ride. The weather started out great. It was cooler with lots of cloud coverage- but towards the end it got VERY windy! We looped the Ironman course and we ended up doing 65 miles.
The funniest thing ever happened as we were finishing our third loop: we were heading back from Shea (which has a slight downhill) and we were hauling butt! We were riding in a pace line to help with the wind and Vero was leading in front. I was right behind her (and RunningFrida right behind me) when I heard her scream and watched as her bike went left- went right- and then went left again. (It was one of those moments where everything slows down and I could totally see the three of us all colliding and looking like the three stooges on the side of the road.) As I slammed on my breaks and tried to swerve out of the way, she kept control of her bike and was able to come to stop.
Once we all stopped, she asked what the heck happened and after looking at her bike I noticed her pedal had fallen off! Yup, the whole thing just fell right off. RunningFrida joking asked if she was really going that hard as she walked back to pick up the fallen piece.
A fellow rider was approaching and shouted out if there was anything he could help with, I told him we had a pedal fall off and he slowed down as he shocking asked "what?!" Luckily, he had some tools on him and was able to get it back on enough to ride the remaining 8 miles back to her car. I literally laughed out loud the entire way back to the cars. She appropriately named herself MVP of the ride that day for not falling. ;)
As if the shorter ride and nice weather wasn't enough for a good ride, they've placed the Ironman signs along the course! Definitely starting to feel pretty real about now.
After our ride, 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I finally got to go out to celebrate our 9 year anniversary. Since we've both been training and doing extremely long rides/runs in the early hours of the weekend, we haven't really had a night to where we could go out to dinner. So we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Tempe, House of Tricks.
It was amazing as usual and we since we sat outside, we had some lovely fireworks throughout the dinner each time ASU scored a touchdown. :)

Sunday morning, RunningFrida and I ran the Phoenix 10k's half marathon. It was so much fun! They are so extremely organized and the course was great. I love running through downtown Phoenix and seeing all the beautiful buildings. I've ran this run before and I will definitely be back.
It was one of those runs where the miles just fly back and every time we passed a mile marker I couldn't believe we were already that far. Love these types of runs.

Once we finished, we saw they had a photo booth and of course jumped right in!! Everything about this race was so much fun! I had such a great time from waiting at the start to the very end.
I was supposed to do my long swim on Sunday, but put it off until yesterday after work and ended up doing 100 laps in the pool (instead of the 93 on the training plan.). I figured I was so close I might as well make it an even 100- plus, I was close to hitting 2 hours, so I figured I would just swim until I hit it and then stop.
I posted this on my Instagram. :)
I was SO ready to be done when I hit 100. I couldn't get out of the pool fast enough!

This is really our last week of training, next week I think we have a total of 4 hours all week (not including Ironman). I seriously cannot believe it's already here!

What's the longest workout you've ever done? 

Do you workout with music? 

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