Friday, November 14, 2014

Bring it on!!

I went down to Ironman Village today and picked up all my stuff for the race. It definitely made things feel more real- 2 days and it's GO TIME!

While I was down there I registered for next year!! I know, crazy! I still can't believe I did. 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I always said we were done after this year.... then we went and signed up for New Zealand and we swore we would be done after that, and here I am registered for next year.
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It definitely wasn't in the plans, but with everything that happened this year I am not where I wanted to be going into Ironman. I was have a huge PR this year and now I'm just hoping to finish.

I secretly thought about signing up and doing it, but 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and I had talked about being done after this year and getting married and having kids. Maria was planning on signing up for 2015 and I told her I would of course train with her and she said I may as well just do it then.

It wasn't until about a week ago, when I was talking with 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' about maybe doing Ironman next year and he said he thought I already was. I was so shocked that he not only was OK with it but encouraged it. He went on to say that he knew I wasn't going to have the race I wanted this year and he would train with me for next year. I was seriously blown away-- I have the best guy ever! I absolutely LOVE him!!

So.... here we go again...and again... and again?? haha!! I still can't believe the craziness!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!! 

Anyone else signed up for next year?! 

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