Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MAJOR bike problem!!

Remember how cool I told you Nigel at the bike shop, Pack n' Pedal was? How he was super nice and extremely helpful? Listen to this.....

We went into the bike shop after our morning swim, and Nigel asks if I got his email..... No, I hadn't checked my email since we got to New Zealand. This already did not sound good, and I started to get worried. He told me he sent me an email late last night after he got a chance to look at my bike.
He said that the wheel did not need to be trued. He told me it looked like during the plane ride, the CO2 in the tire expanded so much that it caused the wheel to warp and expand-- which is what was causing the rubbing. (At this point, all I'm hearing is that my wheel is completely unusable, I'm 2 days away from an Ironman, in a foreign country, and looking at spending over a thousand dollars (that I don't have) on a wheel.....)
Mere seconds away from tears streaming down my face, Nigel finishes explaining and showing me what happened, and doesn't even hesitate or pause before immediately saying "so what I've done is, I've brought you my personal race wheels from home to borrow." Just as causal as can be as he retrieves them from a bag. WHAT!?!? I was literally standing there in shock as he said that and showing me his amazing, tubular race wheels! Still shocked, I began thanking him profusely and hugging him. Who does this kind of stuff?! I was so beyond grateful! (I have been going to the same bike shop in Arizona since I started riding, and there is no way anyone there would do something like this for me. So you have someone I've barely met, do something so unbelievably kind- was amazing! This is the kind of stuff that happens to you and you never forget.

So after he switched my wheels with his, he told me he wasn't even going to charge me a rental fee-- because he assumed I wasn't planning on having to pay to rent wheel when I decided to come to New Zealand, so he didn't want to put me out. (The guy was amazing!) He explained to me how tubular tires were different from mine and what to do if I got a flat.
I thanked him for the millionth time and we left to get a bike ride in, with all the guys now jealous of my new wheels. ;)
We took them out for a test ride around our hotel and they were great! So smooth and the boys said I sounded really cool when they passed me. HAHA!
'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' made dinner for us tonight, and we ate on our hotel patio. Not a bad view. ;)

*What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you? 

*What's the nicest thing you've done for a complete stranger? 

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