Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best flight of my life!!

We made it to New Zealand!!!!

I still cannot believe we are here!!
Look how cute their money is!! 
Let's back up a minute- so as you know, I was absolutely terrified for the flight coming over here- it was the longest flight I've ever done and it was flying over water. We got onto the plane (which was beyond amazing!) and got settled into our seats. Each seat had it's own TV, blanket, and pillow. Since it was a night flight they turned out all the lights and there was just a soft purple glow.
I was surprisingly calm as we watched The Hobbit's version of the safety video on my TV screens and as we took off. (I think because it was a biggest plane and I had head phones in I couldn't feel or hear it so that helped.) We both had to watch it on mine because 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter's' TV screen was not working, and he was paging for help and sending messages saying 'PLEASE SEND HELP!' he was not a very happy camper. They did get it fixed a few hours into the flight though!
I finished my first movie and fell asleep. I pretty much slept the rest of the way there- they woke us up at some point with breakfast- that was delicious! I tried starting another movie- but fell asleep.

I was sitting next to a Mormon missionary, and as we were landing I could tell he was really excited. I asked if he was just starting his mission or returning home from it- he was returning and he was super excited! We chatted a bit about doing Ironman and some fun places he recommended going. When he finally was reunited- we heard lots of clapping and cheers!

Going through customs was nothing spectacular, they basically asked why we were coming and told us to have fun. We did have to x-ray all of our luggage again (it was always a pain with the heavy bike boxes) BUT they did have the cutest little puppy sniffing all of us and our bags! He was super excited and you could tell he absolutely LOVED his job! ;)

We spent at few hours at the airport waiting for our rental van- which we thought would be more than big enough  for the 4 of us but we quickly found out we suck at car tetris  we barely fit!!
While we were waiting at the airport, I found us a hostel to stay at. We were all borderline scared to stay at a hostel in a foreign country because of the movies- but it turned out to be AMAZING once we got there. We had a private room, aka apartment, so it was just us and it was pretty decent size. Plus, we were right in the middle of the town, so there was a ton of stuff to check out around us, and we had a GORGEOUS run right along the beach.
After our run, we wandered around town and just took everything in. It was Chinese New Year- so EVERYONE was out celebrating and it was an awesome experience!
Our hostel was at the top of a hill, and I literally think we walked up and down that dang hill about 10 times! Definitely a work out!

Once we finally made it back to our room for good, there were fireworks right outside of our window! (I'm assuming for Chinese New Year.) They were incredible and we had a GREAT view!!
We are leaving Aukland tomorrow and driving 4 hours to Taupo- which is where the race it and where we're going to stay the rest of our trip.

*What's been your best (or worst) plane trip?

*Have you ever stayed in a Hostel? If not, would you?

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