Tuesday, January 1, 2013

20 miles to kick in the New Year!

Happy New Years everyone! 2012 was an AMAZING year and I know that 2013 is going to be even better!

Since I had today off, I decided I would kick off the New Year with another long run before the P.F. Chang's Marathon, in 20 days. I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to do my long run at Tempe Town Lake and she said she would come along if she could ride my beach cruiser. I told to her that it was going to take me a few hours and it would be really, really boring for her- but she insisted on coming.

Funny thing neither of us thought of, we both have cars and we some how needed to get the beach cruiser down to Tempe Town Lake... My Mom came up with the bright idea to put the top down of her convertible and just shove it in the back. I was dying laughing skeptical as I watched my mom try and try again to get the large bike into the tiny backseat of the car.

Once we finally got it seatbelted in, we were on our way! It was definitely nice to have my mom come along on a bike, and I am considering getting an assistant to tag along on future long runs. ;) I didn't have to hold anything and kept everything in a bag on the bike. Anytime I would need water I would just tell her and she would hand it over to me. I was also able to take of some of my layers and just hand them over and have her put them in the bag. 

The goal was to run at least 20 miles. A few miles into the run she asked how long this was going to take, I told her about 4 hours. She then said she thought I would be done running in 2 hours. (I really, really considered titling this post "Apparently my mom thinks I can run 10 miles per hour...")

Since Tempe Town Lake is just one big 5 mile loop, my mom decided to take a break after mile 14 and I did 1 loop by myself. When I came back around my mom was waiting with water and a handful of M&M's. Not my first choice in fuel but it worked. ;)

I did another smaller loop and when I came back around to my mom, she had the bike loaded up and was ready to go but I was at 19.85 miles so I had to run back and forth a few times in the parking lot. Which definitely added to the stares we were already getting for the bike hanging out of the car. But I did it! 20 miles exactly! I felt great and am now even more excited for the marathon! 

Happy New Years everyone! It's going to be a GREAT year!

Do any of you have an resolutions?

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