Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last long training weekend...

This weekend was my LAST long weekend of training before my tapering begins. From here on out my training slowly starts to wind down leading up to Ironman. Can we just take a moment to realize that Ironman is 21 days away!! 21!! holy cow! 

Yesterday, RunningFrida and I did my last 100 mile bike ride... I think it was 97 or 98 miles but close enough! ;) It was an extremely eventful day for us!

We met at 7:45ish and wanted to start riding by 8. Well, I decided it would be fun to lock my keys in my truck and so we tried (and tried) to fold my seats down (to get to the trunk) and couldn't- apparently you have to fold the seats down using a string in the trunk? Go figure.... So I moved my valuables to RunningFrida's car and called 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' for the number to a locksmith for later.

We finally got started a little before 9am. It was SUPER windy and hard- the wind was so bad I thought I was going to blow over!

We finally hit the turn around point and saw an ALIVE tranchula just walking across the road! (We've seen our fair share of 'wildlife' out there- including dead tranchulas, but we've never actually seen one still alive!) So that helped us pick the pace right up! ;)

Once we were about 10 miles away, I called the locksmith (on speaker phone from my bento box), gave him my information and he said he was on his way. We rode into the parking lot right as he pulled up- it was perfect timing!

It look him a couple of crazy attempts BUT he got my keys out of the crack of my trunk! I'm still not sure how he did it but he did! 15 minutes and $70 dollars later- I was good to go! ;)

These signs are now up all over town and every time I see them it really makes it sink in that Ironman is coming!

Then this morning I woke up and had a 19 mile run scheduled. SCARY! I met my friend, Vari at Tempe Town Lake (this place is really becoming a second home to me!) and we ran the first 5 miles together. It is always so, so nice to have company on long run like today. Anything to help pass the time and miles- plus catching up with good friends- win/win!!

Then I set off alone for the remaining 15 miles. I did another loop and felt great! Passed a couple friends out there and kept a good pace. Then when I started my third loop, there was some sort of walk going on and I was like a rock in the river trying to run the opposite way of all the walkers! I ran in the grass and ignored all the "you're going the wrong way" chuckles I got from the younger walkers. I went a different way back on the loop (to avoid the walkers) and I think it just mentally threw me off. I got back to my car and refilled my water bottle.

I was exhausted at this point and wanting to quit. I quickly called 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' and told him I was at mile 15, had 4 miles to go, and I didn't think I could finish it. He responded with "so why are you calling me?" I told him I needed motivation from him to finish- something, anything! His response was "No, finish your run. And now run an extra mile for stopping and calling me!" It definitely was not what I wanted to hear- but it was really what I NEEDED to hear.
It hit me so hard I almost started crying- right there in the parking lot. Ironman is not going to be easy- and I sure as heck am not going to be able to call him up when the race gets tough and ask him for some motivational quote. I needed to finish this run (just like Ironman) by myself. I have to be able to find the motivation in myself to push through.

I am happy to report that I not only finished my 19 miles but I ran an extra 1.2 miles making a grand total of 20.2 miles! (I would love to say I'm a badass and ran the extra 1.2 miles because of what 'Mr. Sprinkles and Glitter' said, but reality is I went a different route and over estimated how far out I was and it took me an extra 1.2 miles to get back to the car. I was going to walk once I hit 19 miles but it was hot and still a ways-away, so running it made it go faster! haha!)

This is my exhausted smile... LOL!
So glad to be done and to officially start my tapering.! Although it makes me extremely nervous that it is coming up so close! Three weeks from today!

What gets you through your long training? 

Do you like to run/workout with music? 

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